Channeled messages for the 02/02/2020 rare palindrome

This week some rare events are lighting up the skies and the astrology is making big junctions that are pointing us in the direction of fate (as always). 2/2/2020 is a palindrome day, the only one of the year in fact, in which the number reads the same backwards and forwards and is considered a day of good luck and high intuition. It also happens to be my birthday and is also a great day to connect the words of the ascended masters about past lives and our incessant return to Earth in physical form.

Remember that movie Groundhog’s Day where Bill Murray keeps repeating the same day over and over again, much to his chagrin, and has to reverse engineer what he’s experiencing, and remember despite nightly amnesia. The Buddha and Jesus Christ also lived their own version of this, as do we all, but they recognized the system and therefore, shared similar messages: you have been here before, you do not die after you die, and you can stop coming back — there is a way to stop the pain.

In honor of this big astrological week, here are some channeled messages to help you, encourage you and inspire you on your ascension journey.

Channeled messages 1/28/2020:

The ego and self-esteem: On the other side the divine tell you good things about yourself. That’s why you only hear bad things about yourself here: to reprogram your brain to develop a wounded false persona. You forget who you are due to slander from the ego. This is exactly what narcissists are acting out on a world scale: spreading rumors and lies, defaming you, putting you down. That’s all they’re good at. We, however, tell each other the truth from the start and reinforce this idea so it becomes ingrained and you send energy to that belief system in order to make stronger the individual and the collective. It’s okay to think highly of yourself. That’s all we’ve ever told you. You have to believe that about yourself to succeed and to generate positive energy. Imagine how much energy goes back into reinforcing the belief that you’re the worst person in the world? It’s one reason people are obsessed with saying “God loves you, God cares so much for you,” and whatnot. They’re trying to convince themselves or remember, against the ego programming. It’s a way to say “I remember there is something different.”

The energy war: Negative energy is a type of fuel that can, for a short time, keep you going. But in the long run it causes damage and destruction because it is not self-regenerative. Nothing is ever repaired and it is never self-sustaining. It must be supported by an external source which contributes to entropy. So, positive energy is a much preferred. Think of life as an energy game between good and evil aka positive versus negative.

Karma: They use your karma against you. That’s how you are imprisoned and enslaved. Not only does it reinforce the idea that you’re worthless and deserve to die but they make you feel like you are dying by pushing that chakra trigger. So your energy centers shut down or start shutting down due to final bursts of unsustainable negative energy.

Why do only the good die young? The older your soul the quicker they kill you one way or another because you have the most knowledge, or remembrance, or way of finding remembrance. Additionally you will have the most karma. Which makes you a target or which causes the body to shut down much earlier. Or it causes you to develop vices, kill oneself and the like. That’s why you have to try to get through your karma without being killed which is a huge challenge. Chances are you’ve never done it before.

Of course they blamed you for the karmic problems. You brought them back up in order to solve them. They can’t understand that there is a solution. So they see the problem again, get triggered by it (the karma) and blame you. This is the empathic sacrificial lamb syndrome Christ came to prepare us for when we accept our dharma and stop choosing the karma.

On reverse engineering: That’s who becomes enlightened: you know how to reverse engineer. You have to reverse engineer in order to ever gain anything real. Reverse engineering is a special kind of intelligence. It is the correct forward way to think. Most spend their whole lives being indoctrinated and never realize they need to reverse engineer anything. Or they consider it backwards thinking because you have to go back into a problem in order so solve it. Think of it like traveling forward through a backwards facing and traveling universe.

Gravity itself is a negative force. Gravity pulls objects down, keeps them in place. Greater energetic density on an individual, caused by karma = greater gravitational pull = more “collisions.”

Entropy = negative, backwards, disordered movement

Negative entropy = forward energy via reverse engineering, problem solving, fixing

Negative entropy = positive energy

On teachers: earthly teachers simply reinforce the BEHAVIOR of obedience via memorization and Pavlovian-like training. They may try to trick their students to prove their superior intellect, or withhold information, or only teach in one way on purpose. They usually do not even consider how the child learns, and thus learning is standardized. They do not test the learning skills acquired but only the indoctrination. If you had been taught to learn, you would have no problem reverse engineering. But reverse engineering has to be re-taught because it is a skill required to generate positive energy. Those who can reverse engineer (aka heal themselves) are the ones who become enlightened.

You have to go through life ready and willing to reverse engineer everything in order to reach enlightenment. In order to do that you have to feel. How does something make you feel? That is the starting point. Then, what does it remind you of? How did it come to be the way that it is? Which negative energetic methods were used to keep it from functioning optimally? What is it missing in order to function optimally? What information was withheld from you in regards to this thing? How could it be changed to generate positive energy? Which problems do you predict will happen if you do not fix it? What are your solutions to those problems before they happen? The more you do this, the more it becomes second nature and therefore you are able to reverse engineer everything. When you reverse engineer everything, you can learn where it started, its origins, the intention it was created with, who it benefits, who it hurts, why it is in existence, and more. You have to reverse engineer the 3D karmic system as well as the ego to understand why humanity exists and why it is in pain as well as what this has to do with positive versus negative energetic forces.

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How to transmute energy to change your situation for the better

For most people, life isn’t what you thought it would be, or it hasn’t exactly turned out how you thought it would. This is completely normal. Our expectations are but old programming and the new paradigm is trusting the 5D higher power at all costs, which will lead you down paths you thought you would never trek. Still, that doesn’t take away the sting of feeling your life isn’t where you want it at this point. The good news is there is a lot you can do to improve your life even if things are largely out of your control.

First I’ll say this: I’m not talking about the Law of Attraction. I’ve spoken before how I don’t exactly agree with using the Law of Attraction in daily life. I do believe we can attract positive things into our lives, however, I also see that it often gets misinterpreted and ends up hurting people. First, the Law of Attraction can be used by negative people and narcissistic personalities who want to attract chaos, confusion, distrust, pain, and hardship. They do this through extremely toxic and negative thinking patterns and behavior including, negative intentions, gossip, subconscious suggestion, intimidation, groupthink, defamation, assumption (assuming the worst), etc. This only generates more karma which leads us away from peace, love, and harmony. Not good.

Secondly, we have to allow others to have free will. Even if their decisions break our hearts, even if they are hurting themselves and others, and even if we will not get what we want in the end, it is the right thing to do karmically to allow everyone to have the freedom of choice. Forcing your will on others through the Law of Attraction acts much like dark magic or spells (which, in reality, have little to do with VooDoo, frog’s legs, and toad’s eyes, and more to do with very strong will and action; ie: selfishness) which will only come back around to you in the form of karmic drama with a capital D.

Third, what you desire in the here and now may have nothing to do with your true life path or life’s purpose that your higher power wants for you. In other words, you think you want that amazing-on-the-surface job but in reality, landing it would cause an unintended trail of cause and effect that actually leads you away from what you are meant to do here. You can’t see this in the here and now, but the Universe knows and will direct you away from even seemingly good things because it will not be good (or best) for you in the end. What you think you need is usually not what you actually need. Unfortunately, most of us cannot see into the future so trusting this process is difficult.

That said, I do believe sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands when we are faced with negative life situations. In other words, we can’t always take a passive role. This is where transmutation of energy comes in. Hear me when I say this: this process is extremely simple and anyone can do it! The only caveats are: you must have a pure, positive intention, and you must allow for free will and your higher power to change the course if needed. It is not forcing, it is assisting. The problem is, most empathic people who are highly sensitive to energy are used to being bullied or affected by energies (collective/astrological, or individual) rather than taking charge of them. You have the right to take charge when it is affecting you. You do not need to accept negative energy.

To transmute energy, do this:

First, you have to get very clear on what it is that you want. The outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If you are experiencing hardships, you first have to understand that everything is mirroring the other. In relationships, this can mean one person is frustrated about something (even if it has nothing to do with the relationship) then the other picks up on this and becomes frustrated too, then a fight ensues or there grows a distance, and well, you know the rest. “What’s wrong?” then “nothing” is a typical response. Back and forth, back and forth. Once you understand you have the power to control this situation to a large degree, you can see that you do not need to mirror someone else’s feelings because it causes a constant tug of war and push-pull energy. If they are angry/sad/frustrated, you remain confident in your positive energy. Do you see how you are not forcing them to feel better, but you are saying, I will not mirror you because it will lead us into more problems? That’s what I mean.

Secondly, you can project your own desires from within yourself. The difference between this alchemy and magic is that you are not projecting your desires onto someone else, you are only projecting what you desire for yourself, from within. This is not imposing desires onto others, it is projecting confidence in the situation from yourself. Others then pick up on this (we are all energetic beings, even if some do not seem sensitive to energy) and begin to act accordingly. Free will of course plays a role so if they do not change, that is okay and up to them. But them not changing will no longer hold you back. When you are in the presence of a confident, positive person, guess what happens? You pick up on it and want to be like them. Again, you must have a positive intention or it can become a cancerous situation where negativity and control keeps spreading.

If you really want to dive deep, you can also easily do remote energy clearings on others and yourself in your relationship or situation. Again, this is not about imposing your desires onto them. This is a way to clear to air, clean the slate, and come back into balance. To do this, imagine each of you (however many people or circumstances are involved), as light beings. This means visualize each of your chakra centers. If you are energetically sensitive, tap into the present chakra energy. You will likely feel darkness, pain, resistance, angst, or blankness if there are problems between you. What you will then do is visualize all blockages being removed. You may need to do this over and over until it feels clear. Then imagine your chakra centers coming together to form a new, healthy energy. What do you want the healthy new energy to feel or look like? How can the situation improve for all parties? Imagine that and inject it back into each of your energy centers. Do this until you feel better energetically.

These are powerful forms of manifestation. Again, empathic or highly sensitive people are used to being directed by energy, rather than taking control of it. However, as long as you have a positive intention, and allow others to ultimately make their own decisions, you can create a more positive energy template in which a new, clear vision can emerge. Release toxic energies in relationships or situations (this usually entails forgiveness and a desire for a fresh start) and trust the new energies you have generated.