How to Become Intuitive is published!

It’s here, y’all! The book I have been working on for the last year and a half is officially published! It’s now available in paperback (and soon, ebook) on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other major retailers websites, and the Balboa Press store!

Please pick up a copy, give it a good read, let it sink in, and if you would be so kind — leave a comment and rating. Thank you all so much for following me on this journey and enjoying the material I have released thus far. I know the information contained in How to Become Intuitive will be as life-changing for you reading it as it was for me living and writing it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

How to transmute energy to change your situation for the better

For most people, life isn’t what you thought it would be, or it hasn’t exactly turned out how you thought it would. This is completely normal. Our expectations are but old programming and the new paradigm is trusting the 5D higher power at all costs, which will lead you down paths you thought you would never trek. Still, that doesn’t take away the sting of feeling your life isn’t where you want it at this point. The good news is there is a lot you can do to improve your life even if things are largely out of your control.

First I’ll say this: I’m not talking about the Law of Attraction. I’ve spoken before how I don’t exactly agree with using the Law of Attraction in daily life. I do believe we can attract positive things into our lives, however, I also see that it often gets misinterpreted and ends up hurting people. First, the Law of Attraction can be used by negative people and narcissistic personalities who want to attract chaos, confusion, distrust, pain, and hardship. They do this through extremely toxic and negative thinking patterns and behavior including, negative intentions, gossip, subconscious suggestion, intimidation, groupthink, defamation, assumption (assuming the worst), etc. This only generates more karma which leads us away from peace, love, and harmony. Not good.

Secondly, we have to allow others to have free will. Even if their decisions break our hearts, even if they are hurting themselves and others, and even if we will not get what we want in the end, it is the right thing to do karmically to allow everyone to have the freedom of choice. Forcing your will on others through the Law of Attraction acts much like dark magic or spells (which, in reality, have little to do with VooDoo, frog’s legs, and toad’s eyes, and more to do with very strong will and action; ie: selfishness) which will only come back around to you in the form of karmic drama with a capital D.

Third, what you desire in the here and now may have nothing to do with your true life path or life’s purpose that your higher power wants for you. In other words, you think you want that amazing-on-the-surface job but in reality, landing it would cause an unintended trail of cause and effect that actually leads you away from what you are meant to do here. You can’t see this in the here and now, but the Universe knows and will direct you away from even seemingly good things because it will not be good (or best) for you in the end. What you think you need is usually not what you actually need. Unfortunately, most of us cannot see into the future so trusting this process is difficult.

That said, I do believe sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands when we are faced with negative life situations. In other words, we can’t always take a passive role. This is where transmutation of energy comes in. Hear me when I say this: this process is extremely simple and anyone can do it! The only caveats are: you must have a pure, positive intention, and you must allow for free will and your higher power to change the course if needed. It is not forcing, it is assisting. The problem is, most empathic people who are highly sensitive to energy are used to being bullied or affected by energies (collective/astrological, or individual) rather than taking charge of them. You have the right to take charge when it is affecting you. You do not need to accept negative energy.

To transmute energy, do this:

First, you have to get very clear on what it is that you want. The outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If you are experiencing hardships, you first have to understand that everything is mirroring the other. In relationships, this can mean one person is frustrated about something (even if it has nothing to do with the relationship) then the other picks up on this and becomes frustrated too, then a fight ensues or there grows a distance, and well, you know the rest. “What’s wrong?” then “nothing” is a typical response. Back and forth, back and forth. Once you understand you have the power to control this situation to a large degree, you can see that you do not need to mirror someone else’s feelings because it causes a constant tug of war and push-pull energy. If they are angry/sad/frustrated, you remain confident in your positive energy. Do you see how you are not forcing them to feel better, but you are saying, I will not mirror you because it will lead us into more problems? That’s what I mean.

Secondly, you can project your own desires from within yourself. The difference between this alchemy and magic is that you are not projecting your desires onto someone else, you are only projecting what you desire for yourself, from within. This is not imposing desires onto others, it is projecting confidence in the situation from yourself. Others then pick up on this (we are all energetic beings, even if some do not seem sensitive to energy) and begin to act accordingly. Free will of course plays a role so if they do not change, that is okay and up to them. But them not changing will no longer hold you back. When you are in the presence of a confident, positive person, guess what happens? You pick up on it and want to be like them. Again, you must have a positive intention or it can become a cancerous situation where negativity and control keeps spreading.

If you really want to dive deep, you can also easily do remote energy clearings on others and yourself in your relationship or situation. Again, this is not about imposing your desires onto them. This is a way to clear to air, clean the slate, and come back into balance. To do this, imagine each of you (however many people or circumstances are involved), as light beings. This means visualize each of your chakra centers. If you are energetically sensitive, tap into the present chakra energy. You will likely feel darkness, pain, resistance, angst, or blankness if there are problems between you. What you will then do is visualize all blockages being removed. You may need to do this over and over until it feels clear. Then imagine your chakra centers coming together to form a new, healthy energy. What do you want the healthy new energy to feel or look like? How can the situation improve for all parties? Imagine that and inject it back into each of your energy centers. Do this until you feel better energetically.

These are powerful forms of manifestation. Again, empathic or highly sensitive people are used to being directed by energy, rather than taking control of it. However, as long as you have a positive intention, and allow others to ultimately make their own decisions, you can create a more positive energy template in which a new, clear vision can emerge. Release toxic energies in relationships or situations (this usually entails forgiveness and a desire for a fresh start) and trust the new energies you have generated.

Intro to the basics of energy reading (plus memory clearing for the Super Blood Full Wolf Moon Eclipse)

Sometimes when people throw around the term “energy” it can feel too esoteric, lofty, indistinguishable, and well, fake. People who are not tapped into their empathic abilities may not even believe energy to be real. It is unseen, after all, so how can it be real? First, I want to explain how to interpret and discern which energies you’re feeling in order to translate them and process them. Intuitives like me aren’t guessing or telling you what you want to hear. We are feeling energetic residue from the emotions and intentions you and others have about life. We not only observe intonation and word choice, behavior, subconscious errors, and mannerisms, we also feel for the truth in a given situation because your thoughts generate emotions which generate feelings which empathic people pick up on. 

I will start by saying these things: I went to university to get a degree in writing and before that, was a French major. I love language and playing around with words because meanings can suddenly change based on how you piece words together and because words are powerful and cause people to see things in a new light or feel things they haven’t felt before. Twice in my life I’ve had formal, extensive educational evaluations done due to some serious mathematical learning disabilities and each time the outcome was the same: I can’t do math and my brain overlooks mathematical sequences as if there were a blank spot (like I am blind to equations) but despite this, I can decode in other ways, including language and emotion (math lacks emotion, after all, so as an empath it is like a foreign language I never learned).

The most recent evaluation I had was in 2017 by a psychologist and while I  was doing the translation part of the test (turning shapes into letters to generate a code), he said, “I’ve never seen anyone decode as fast as you.” I was surprised but it also made sense. We all have unique gifts to share with the world and I don’t call myself an Intuitive lightly. It means something to me because I have been decoding energy my whole life out of necessity (being raised in abuse and having no one to confirm your reality will do that to a person) and I enjoy teaching others to do the same. Energy is a language unto itself, much like English or French, but energy is universal and can be spoken by anyone, anywhere, no matter their origins or level of education — even by babies or those unable to talk — and energetic “sentences” are much more complex than spoken or written word. Let me explain.

Imagine you are sitting in front of your computer. You are familiar with the menu tab at the top of the screen and look to it when you need to perform certain functions on your device. From the basic menu are drop down tabs that allow you to perform more specific functions if you hover your mouse over it. It may look like this: menu>edit>copy>paste. You know what I mean. You choose what to click on based on what your intention is and the more specific function you need, the more hovering you do. 

Here’s where energy comes in. Now imagine a similar drop down menu in your mind that signifies meanings from within your soul. For example, if I tell you to visualize a tree, a tree will pop in your head according to what you consider to be the most basic kind of tree. What you consider to be a basic tree will vary, depending on where you were raised, which kinds of trees are in your current environment, etc. So hypothetically you click the menu bar and click “tree”. Now a basic tree comes to your attention. You probably don’t have many emotions or memories tied to the idea of this tree because it’s so generic. But if you want to be more specific, you may visualize a pine tree, for example. If you think back to the menu, you clicked “tree” then made a more specific selection from the options that appeared on the menu like this: tree>pine tree.

While you are imagining this tree, you are very likely to also imbue the visualization with some meaning through nostalgia, feelings and emotions, or other recall because suddenly this tree means something familiar: the holidays, perhaps, or cold weather, family, hot cocoa, sledding, etc. One energy reminded you of another, despite a pine tree actually having nothing to do with your life, which created a layered effect. Suddenly they are all connected and create one bundled energy.  It would look like this: tree>pine tree>snow>holiday memories>family. Each idea represents an individual energy but together it creates a whole, a new energy. And these combinations are infinite and totally unique to you. 

This is what an Intuitive feels on you and this is how we know things we otherwise shouldn’t: we decode the layered energy or meaning. We are decoding the “bundle” of feelings that you are giving off. Again it is because you have created emotions that create a feeling which represents a very specific story that an empathic person can pick up on, especially when they have honed their abilities. It’s kind of like Jeopardy — you present us with an answer then we have to ask the questions. You give us the bundle, then we have to decode each individual strand of energy and ask why you are presenting with it. 

Now that you understand the basics of energy reading, I want to offer you a visualization for this powerful Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse January 20-21st, 2019. It is a powerful time of change. The masculine is undergoing ego death and the feminine who have ascended are being upgraded into true self-love and self-worth. It is a force that causes us to revisit the past and look forward to the future. 

Many who have been working through their karma the last few years have had a very rough go of it. You have been dealing with trigger after trigger, impossible situation after impossible situation. You’ve lost, you’ve been exposed, you’ve been back-stabbed, abandoned, and tortured. I trust that many reading this have already begun the processing of transmuting this pain into something useful (chakra activation through learning the lessons once and for all), however, you may still feel anger, resentment, frustration, or sadness about all you have been through and despite your work may be unclear how to let go of it. 

You can use this potent full moon eclipse to release the pain of the past. Here is a visualization to clear past negative energies so you no longer live in cyclical thought processes which trigger negative emotions. The success of it will depend on how much personal work you have done thus far and how adept you are at manifestation at this moment. If you need to hold onto the pain to finally understand it’s purpose, then you won’t be able to release these blocks. 

Imagine a paved two-lane road that travels the length of your mind. On each side of the road is green, lush grass and there are no buildings in the background. There are no cars on this road. There are also warning signs, accidents, and roadblocks lacing the path, which represent the challenges or all of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences that bring you to your lowest places. Each time you think back over your life experiences, you forget the road is even there — you only see the clutter which makes you feel bad each time you have cyclical thoughts about what went wrong. For example, you are having a great day then suddenly you remember some terrible thing that happened to you a few years ago (aka a warning sign on the road) and suddenly you forget to live in the moment and are mentally travelling down the road backwards through all of the problems. As I stated above, you may even get pulled into the “strands” of energy that have created that sensation within you — dissecting each and every little thing that went wrong and stewing over it. We’ve all been there. 

The visualization is simple. Imagine all of the warning signs, roadblocks, and accidents being cleared from the road. Suddenly the road becomes quiet and peaceful instead of chaotic and negative. You feel the sun, clouds, grass, and chirping birds. When you think back through your life experiences in your mind, those negative triggers are no longer popping up drawing you into negative cyclical thinking. You no longer feel the same frustration and resentment in your body. You feel at peace. As your consciousness travels down this road backwards, nothing is frightening you; nothing is pulling you into chaos. Now each time your brain tries to take you backwards down this road filled with chaos, accidents, litter, and signs, simply imagine the road being swiped clean and revisit the peace you feel when it is clear. Do this as many times as you need to. Eventually it will become second nature to feel the peace rather than the triggers of the past. 

Use this time wisely. Clear your karmic energy so your future can be bright.