The 3 archetypal wounds all empaths share

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In my work doing Energy Readings, I illuminate for clients what their core wounds and life lessons are (among other fascinating things). These are evident based on your energy, the energy of those around you, your fears and phobias, your talents, your beliefs about yourself and the world, your history and experiences, the roles you seem to fall into, the things you dream about pursuing, and more. In other words, we all have our own unique wounds that are holding us back and keeping us sick. Once recognized and acknowledged, we can become fully self-actualized people, able to be and do whatever we like in order to fulfill our souls need for peace and longevity.

But there are also collective, long-standing archetypal wounds that all empaths share. These are the things you keep subconsciously avoiding by living smaller than you really are, adopting a false persona of sorts to keep others happy, which means you’ll never be able to live out your true wonderful purpose here. These three wounds are so deeply embedded into the empathic psyche that, until you have someone elucidate these subconscious belief systems and fears, you will truly go your entire life running from them. And they are “collective” because we all have them.

These fears stem from past life trauma, plain and simple. As I have said before, I would not have ever believed in the concept of past lives had I not had dramatic supernatural “remembrance” experiences in which I recognized strangers — and them, me. This is not something I can quantify to convince anyone. Once it happens to you, your whole world changes and everything you think you once believed about the nature of reality is stripped away, leaving you with a whole new perspective on the world.

Once I understood we have all been here many times before, the wounds I saw my clients carrying suddenly made so much more sense. They weren’t just running from unhealthy relationships in this lifetime. They weren’t just choosing dysfunction over order and direction. They were trying to avoid that which had happened in previous incarnations — because what had happened before left them dead, destitute, sickened, and alone. But as with everything in life, until you understand the system, you cannot understand the experiences. Until you see there is a greater rhyme and reason, you cannot make sense of the nonsense and bullshit you have lived — or why you are so fearful of things that have not yet happened in this incarnation.

As I’ve tried to convey again and again, the world and its people can be split into one of three categories: empaths, narcissists, and those who fall somewhere in the middle. Empaths and narcissists will always be at odds because empaths are here to preserve the planet and narcissists wish to destroy the biological technology and resources which would help future generations. Of course, few people know they’re acting this out because these desires reside deep within the subconscious mind. But a person’s actions and intentions (energy) will always show you which side they are on: do they make paths straight or do they inflict pain and chaos whenever possible? Up until this point, narcissists have relegated empaths to a status of subservience, and narcissistic personalities have taken positions of leadership all over the globe.

As such, empaths have had to play the offense and defense against narcs lifetime after lifetime. There are three subconscious, archetypal wounds all empathic people have learned to “avoid” by catering to narcissists. They include:

  1. The wound of seeing the veil. This means you feel guilty, weird, wrong, and ashamed that you are naturally able to differentiate between the 3-dimensional world and the world of spirit (the 5D). Even if you do not call it this, you know in your soul that there is the world we use to “get by”, pay bills, engage in entertainment, and work a job. Then there is also a world that resides in how you and others feel, how you know there is more to life than money, and how you want to help cultivate change for the better. You know there is more. This is an ability you have come to hide because you have seen in present and past lifetimes that the “seers” are mocked, shamed, and shunned — and sometimes put to death.
  2. The wound of the “mob”. This is the subconscious fear that if you expose or forgo groupthink, you will be at the mercy of punishment from the cognitive dissonance you have instilled in others. In other words, if you do not go along with the directives of “normalcy” that your group/community/family operates under, you will become the black sheep. And the black sheep always faces some sort of punishment for being different or exposing the unethical nature of the group.
  3. The wound of the gift. Empaths aren’t just highly sensitive people, able to feel and read the energy/intentions of those around them. They are also seekers, lightworkers, healers, and helpers. They are here to change the world. But because of the previous two wounds, we suppress our true intuitive nature in order to please others. What should be a natural ability becomes a dangerous secret we protect at all costs. Then, each time we face a situation that requires us to use our intuitive, healing nature, we go into hiding instead of activating it. Each time this happens, we become more stressed, sick, and ashamed of ourselves that we have this gift in the first place. Over time, our physical and emotional health suffers greatly — all because we have a gift that we feel we cannot use.

You see, these fears are your karma. When we think of karma, we think of punishment. But actually karma is all of the unresolved problems you have never dealt with so you are no longer tied to the past. In my experience, the only ways to overcome these subconscious collective fears is to confront them head on. This requires not only recognizing they are present to begin with, but also doing the opposite of them — acting on our gifts, allowing the mob to do what it wants, then rising above it all in the end. Yes, they will hate you — and get others to hate you. Yes they will take your money, your good name, your clout, your definition of self. But after you do so, you will come to find that no matter which fear tactic is thrown your way, you can indeed overcome them all. And you will no longer be scared or subconsciously hold yourself back from your true life’s path. You will step into your “I Am” presence, unaffected by the sabotage or judgment of others. You become free of karma. Only you get to define who you are.

Watch my Instagram video for more information on these three wounds and what you can do to overcome them.


How to not give your abuser your energy forever

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I want to start off this post by saying two things: abuse is never the victim’s fault — ever — and you cannot prevent abuse. Abuse happens because perpetrators choose to abuse, bottom line, plain and simple. Abusers should posses self-control just like any other person and of course, they do not. It is not the victim’s fault that someone else lacks self-control. There was nothing you could do to make them possess self-control because that has to come from within a person.

That said, I have been through enough abuse in my life that I know this: just because someone terrorizes you does not mean you have to allow yourself to give your perp your fearful, angry, resentful, frenetic, or sad energy forever. Yes, you will be a victim when someone victimizes you. But you do not need to continue to give them your power after the abuse has transpired.

See, what I have learned is that abuse is by and large about energy. One person craves a certain form of energy (be it sex, money, codependency, attention, control) and one person has theirs usurped. In the moment of abuse, there’s not much you can do. Someone overpowers you physically, someone takes your money, takes your good name — you are legitimately a victim –there’s no way to prevent this. Because one person pursues, the other person naturally runs, fights back, or freezes. One abuser, one victim; one chaser, one runner. One in power, one with no power. Abuse itself is what puts you in the role of the victim because of the dynamics between victimizer and victim. You had no choice.

But abuse doesn’t end there. Abuse is also the mindfuck and energy drain that happens for years and years and years after. It is the subconscious fears, the new phobias, the anxiety, the depression, and possibly, suicidal thoughts. Abuse is being scared to answer your door, answer your phone, go to the grocery store because everything reminds you of that terrible thing that happened. It is a mental prison that often becomes a physical prison. It is never knowing who to trust and being unable to relax and remain comfortable even in non-threatening scenarios because your brain, hormones, and nervous system have been rewired.

After abuse has transpired, continuing to think of yourself as this person’s victim is what continues to give them power even when they are no longer a threat. Continuing to think of yourself as beneath them is what makes you their eternal victim and makes them eternally powerful. This is exactly what an abuser wants. And that is ultimately why they abuse in the first place. This is one reason I wrote the blog post Understanding Abuse From A 5D Perspective, FYI. An abuser wants your energy forever and ever. They want you to think of them, think of the horrible things they’ve done to you, think of the ways they took your power, the ways you were forced to bow down to them. They live for this. They get off on it. Because when you reflect back to those moments, they are sent energetic food. This is what gives them fuel to keep going. They want you to be an energetic provider — a slave — your entire life.

The truth is that energy doesn’t just go away. And this is what leaves many victims feeling like a victim well after the abuse has transpired. See, energy changes, gets hidden, or gets manipulated. If no one teaches you to transmute the energy that was forced onto you, then you will live with that same terrifying, powerless energetic profile your entire life. And it will continue to make you sick and miserable. This isn’t something talk therapy can fix, though having a professional to speak with is of course a great idea. Healing abuse requires an understanding of energy.

Healing trauma is a lengthy process. My clients don’t heal lifelong trauma overnight. Though I will say this — after every single session, they emphatically thank me because they were given a new way of looking at what has happened to them, which led them to have new understandings about how to get over it, which allows for healing. I don’t offer the loveseat therapy sessions we’ve all come to know — I offer a 5th dimensional perspective on why it happened (this connects to karma and past life perpetrators), what happened to them as a result, how it connects to or created core wounds, how they’re still acting those wounds out, and how to release the energy to self-actualize. A therapist can’t offer the eternal lens of the divine but an Intuitive can.

If you are new to energy work or are interested in using energy to help you overcome abuse and trauma, the best advice I can give you is this: become extremely self-aware. Identify every single thing that triggers you on a daily basis, or all of your adaptive habits (aka “bad” habits that stem from trauma). Then connect it back to its origin. Where did it come from? Why does it bother you? Why do you do certain things? Once you know these answers (I tell you these things in an Energy Reading appointment), it becomes very easy to release the energetic chord or attachment that your subconscious mind has created to prevent the trauma from happening again. Energy (aka: intention) from the subconscious mind forms an invisible thread that gets lodged in certain parts of your body via association with the trauma. You can begin to logically connect the dots and understand what it all means. “When I feel this way emotionally, or have this thought, I feel this way physically. I felt this way physically when the trauma occurred. Therefore, I am living out past cycles”, or “This unrelated person/situation triggers me because it is the same boundary that was crossed when the abuse happened”, or, “I am choosing this unhealthy habit because it helps me prevent myself from thinking about the triggers”, or, “I subconsciously stew about the abuse every day and am therefore sending energy to my perpetrator whom I still feel has power over me”, etc.

There is a rhyme and reason to how you feel. Until you connect the dots, you will live with resentment, anger, frustration, and fear because it makes no sense and you still feel powerless. Understanding the energy and how to break the energy up is how to truly heal.

Why empaths can’t organize the way narcissists can (and why we need to learn to)

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The dichotomy between empathic people and narcissistic people transcends space and time. If you’ve woken up to the spiritual undercurrent, the soul in the mundane, the sacred in the profane, the 5D hiding behind the oh-so obvious 3D you know that we are here to do more than pay bills, work a job, pursue a “good enough” relationship, and try to be a decent person until we die. We’re here to engage in a spiritual battle, one as old as time itself. The battle between good and evil, in order to cultivate change on this planet once and for all. Problem is, empaths have by and large been relegated to the position of a proverbial servant, and narcissists have taken the proverbial role of king.

Narcissists are in charge because they not only know how to take power and control with no care for checks and balances (aka: concern for others by way of empathy); they also know how to organize. By “organize”, I don’t mean straighten a drawer, fold clothes, and place bills in color-coordinated binders (or apps). I mean community organizing: coordinating cooperative efforts and campaigning carried out to promote specific interests. They know how to get other people to engage in their cause. They know how to get what they want. And because they lack the empathy to care about how their desires will affect other people, they will do anything to get their way — and usually do.

I’ve said this before and it may come as a surprise to you but empathic people need to learn from narcissists. Not only learn to identify the spectrum of narcissism to understand who to trust; not only to learn their tactics so you can keep yourself healthy in a world full of narcissism — but to learn their methods so we can replicate them in new, caring ways.

You see, our high degree of empathy has caused us to forgo everything we believe to be righteous, true, and worthwhile. We have put our own intuitive inklings, messages from the divine, and soul missions on hold so other people can be happy. So other people can remain comfortable. So other people will like us — at the expense of progress and peace. We have to understand we can still be empathic and kind people without tolerating evil, injustice, abuse, and general selfish bullshit.

In doing so, you will begin to feel selfish yourself. You will begin to question, “If I am also utterly driven, does that make me a narcissist? If I’ll follow my cause without abandon does that make me any better than them?”. Here is the answer to those queries: if you genuinely are acting with good intentions under the direction of your higher self or higher power with no ego involved, you are doing the right thing by finally — finally — taking the reigns and putting your foot down to stop and reverse evil. Evil people will have their ego bruised in the process. They will hate you. In the end, you will see they were only ever using you and never really liked or loved you to begin with.

Still, the guilt an empath internalizes when they have to take the lead and go against the groupthink can become all-consuming. It causes us to distance ourselves from others and disconnect instead of generating community and creating new functional systems. It is easier to play along and fly under the radar because 1). you won’t upset anyone and 2). you won’t be targeted. Do you think this is the kind of life your higher self or higher power would want for you? Living so plainly that you never ever upset people, thinking this is kindness and love? No, it is martyrdom and lifelessness. It is slavery and servitude. It is not true living or creating change for the greater good. Going to our graves as push overs and saints isn’t worth it because we will have done nothing for the world but make other people happy.

My goal when working with any empathic person is to remind them of their spiritual authority, how it has been usurped, what it feels like to reclaim it, and how to finally act on it. In fact, we have already been given all of the authority we need from the divine to fight the good fight and stand up to narcissist and evil in all forms. It is simply up to us to remember and take grip of it:

“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.”

Here’s what narcissists instinctively know that empaths need to learn:

  1. How to get people to believe in their ideas and cause. Narcs use all forms of cognitive dissonance and brainwashing to make their point accepted, but this can also be done in a healthy way. Explanation, enthusiasm, connectivity to the cause, understanding the effect of each other’s efforts, positive affirmations, and more.
  2. How to bring people together. Narcissists are great at generating groupthink and using people to appear connected, popular, and community-oriented. They use other brainwashed community members to convince the nay-sayers. As natural lovers, empathic people can also bring people together to generate a positive, single-minded mindset (rather than controlling groupthink) due to our high-vibe energy. Empaths — people want to be around you because you share your soul, even if this is still hard for you to believe because of what you have been told about yourself.
  3. How to use resources towards their cause. Because empathic people have been placed in roles of subservience and therefore codependency, we often feel stressed when it comes to generating resources such as money. Releasing this subconscious belief system will bring you more of what you need and much less stress. Be fearless in your desires — your vibe will attract what you need.
  4. Taking the lead. Empathic people I have met and worked with generally like to observe and play the backseat role rather than be the leader. Sometimes we are put in positions where we have to take the lead but this probably isn’t your comfort zone. We have to flip this dynamic on its head and stand up fearlessly to take the lead when evil is leading the group or cause. Anyone can upset the balance of power — us included. Stop feeling guilty for it — it’s not a manifestation of ego if you aren’t doing it for self-glorification.
  5. Playing up their abilities. Empaths downplay their talents and narcs play them up. We have to stop hiding, communicate what we are capable of and our past experiences so people learn to trust the empaths rather than dominate them. You deserve respect for what you have learned and done in life. You posses natural wisdom that narcs do not.
  6. Communicate. Narcissists do not communicate clearly, no, but they do know how to convince people of their ideas to win people over. Empaths often feel so much that communication becomes a huge barrier. You don’t know how to express the rich, complex inner intelligence to the outside world. The more you work on opening up your throat chakra, the more you can learn to communicate to the ego of others so they understand what you mean without having to go into lengthy explanations that many will not understand.

Empathic people, it is time to rise up. Now is the time. The battle is already half-way over. Stay strong and take your rightful seat at the table.