Why “vibing high” is another form of denial

If you’ve even remotely engaged in the metaphysical or spiritual communities of the world by way of bookstores, podcasts, YouTube, retreats, classes, meditations, workshops and the like, you have observed those leaders and followers who like to “vibe high.” In other words, they adopt a higher vibration that seems to project love, kindness, unity, and harmony above any lower vibrations of evil, greed, hatred, injustice, and more. You may look up to these people and think you’d like to become like them, forgoing those low vibes in favor of something higher. It makes them appear to be a better person, a more stable person, a healthier person, certainly a more spiritual person — and chances are, you’d like that too.

As I have said in previous posts, the problem is that many times, these people have gray or blank auras that seem static-y, not grounded, and false. Their message makes sense but their energy is not differentiated or individuated. It is not unique to them. It is an energy of what they think they should be, rather than who they actually are. And thus, it does not project the frequency of truth.

This is because it is impossible to vibe high unless you have solved problems. Unless you acknowledge problems, stare them dead in the eye, find solutions for them, and reverse them, you are not vibrating at the frequency of truth. You are only appearing to.

We know that narcissists are also masters of denial and deflection. They overlook abuse on purpose. They pretend they didn’t do what they just did. They get others to stay in denial as well so that nothing is ever addressed and resolved, so that they are never held accountable, or so that they can continue stealing energy from the victim by way of cognitive dissonance and pain. They pretend they are high vibe because they deny what has actually happened.

That’s not to say that those high vibers are all narcissists. It’s to say, this method is employed by many. It’s to say that ignoring problems, abuse, injustices, and hatred do not make one a better person. Becoming a better person requires one going directly to the source of the pain and often, becoming that vibration in order to absolve it. You cannot fix a problem until you immerse yourself in it and get to know it intimately. Avoiding the vibration of the problem means you are denying it exists or that there is a solution for it. It is trying to erase the past by overwriting it, which doesn’t work when it comes to human pain. It must first be recognized and fixed.

Going into the problem, however, by remembering it and becoming it, is what truly solves the problem and therefore transmutes the energy. In the process, the low vibe may get blamed on you — especially if you are the only one who admits to feeling it. If others want to overwrite this pain by denying it, it will be up to you to adopt, learn from, and resolve.

Think of narcissistic parents. Many empaths have at least one. When their child cries or needs help, they believe the child should be ignored so that the child learns to stop crying or being needy. They believe this solves the problem because yes, over time, the child will expect less and less from the narc parent since they have seen they never get their needs met by this person. The empathic parent, however, runs to the child, assess what is needed to stop the pain, and offers a solution. Perhaps it is a hug. Perhaps it is bouncing or rocking the child until their nervous system is soothed. Perhaps it is a word of kindness or encouragement that they can find a solution themselves and the parent will watch and support them in the process; that they will be there to catch them.

Only one of these parents understands that a young child cannot transmute its own energy because of its age, so the parent assists and teaches the child how to do so. As the years go on, the child learns that she can find her own solutions but is not scared to ask for help if needed because they know the parent will always offer support. There is no angst or self-inflicted guilt for needing help. The other parent pretends there are no problems, that the child itself is the problem, and that this instinctual desire for help should be beaten out of it because “no problems exist — only you are the problem.” In other words, the parent thinks if they pretend there is no problem, the child will learn there is no problem. And thus, nothing is ever transmuted or improved. It is only suppressed by way of denial.

Be wary of those who vibe high by ignoring problems. Be wary of those who do not want to utter the reality of what is happening in the world. Be wary of those who pretend everything will be fine if we just adopt a higher vibration. If they cannot go to the source of the pain, become it for a short time and change it, they are not accomplishing anything for the ascension of humanity. They are simply playing a part and asking you to do the same. And this is not how you resolve your karma.

As Christ showed us, you must first go into the pain, acknowledge it publicly, and then allow the narcs to “crucify” you as the source of the problem. Remember, they operate on the old system in which a sacrificial lamb is required to absolve too much negative energy. Those with Christ consciousness instinctively understand the new system in which you can solve the problem yourself. After they have destroyed the remnants of the pain, you will be born again into a new life in which the karma was resolved and you can step into your dharma — your true life’s path apart from the denial. They will think they deflected from the problem, but because you took the time to resolve it, you will win by naturally having a higher vibration that you don’t have to fake.

Channeled messages for the 02/02/2020 rare palindrome

This week some rare events are lighting up the skies and the astrology is making big junctions that are pointing us in the direction of fate (as always). 2/2/2020 is a palindrome day, the only one of the year in fact, in which the number reads the same backwards and forwards and is considered a day of good luck and high intuition. It also happens to be my birthday and is also a great day to connect the words of the ascended masters about past lives and our incessant return to Earth in physical form.

Remember that movie Groundhog’s Day where Bill Murray keeps repeating the same day over and over again, much to his chagrin, and has to reverse engineer what he’s experiencing, and remember despite nightly amnesia. The Buddha and Jesus Christ also lived their own version of this, as do we all, but they recognized the system and therefore, shared similar messages: you have been here before, you do not die after you die, and you can stop coming back — there is a way to stop the pain.

In honor of this big astrological week, here are some channeled messages to help you, encourage you and inspire you on your ascension journey.

Channeled messages 1/28/2020:

The ego and self-esteem: On the other side the divine tell you good things about yourself. That’s why you only hear bad things about yourself here: to reprogram your brain to develop a wounded false persona. You forget who you are due to slander from the ego. This is exactly what narcissists are acting out on a world scale: spreading rumors and lies, defaming you, putting you down. That’s all they’re good at. We, however, tell each other the truth from the start and reinforce this idea so it becomes ingrained and you send energy to that belief system in order to make stronger the individual and the collective. It’s okay to think highly of yourself. That’s all we’ve ever told you. You have to believe that about yourself to succeed and to generate positive energy. Imagine how much energy goes back into reinforcing the belief that you’re the worst person in the world? It’s one reason people are obsessed with saying “God loves you, God cares so much for you,” and whatnot. They’re trying to convince themselves or remember, against the ego programming. It’s a way to say “I remember there is something different.”

The energy war: Negative energy is a type of fuel that can, for a short time, keep you going. But in the long run it causes damage and destruction because it is not self-regenerative. Nothing is ever repaired and it is never self-sustaining. It must be supported by an external source which contributes to entropy. So, positive energy is a much preferred. Think of life as an energy game between good and evil aka positive versus negative.

Karma: They use your karma against you. That’s how you are imprisoned and enslaved. Not only does it reinforce the idea that you’re worthless and deserve to die but they make you feel like you are dying by pushing that chakra trigger. So your energy centers shut down or start shutting down due to final bursts of unsustainable negative energy.

Why do only the good die young? The older your soul the quicker they kill you one way or another because you have the most knowledge, or remembrance, or way of finding remembrance. Additionally you will have the most karma. Which makes you a target or which causes the body to shut down much earlier. Or it causes you to develop vices, kill oneself and the like. That’s why you have to try to get through your karma without being killed which is a huge challenge. Chances are you’ve never done it before.

Of course they blamed you for the karmic problems. You brought them back up in order to solve them. They can’t understand that there is a solution. So they see the problem again, get triggered by it (the karma) and blame you. This is the empathic sacrificial lamb syndrome Christ came to prepare us for when we accept our dharma and stop choosing the karma.

On reverse engineering: That’s who becomes enlightened: you know how to reverse engineer. You have to reverse engineer in order to ever gain anything real. Reverse engineering is a special kind of intelligence. It is the correct forward way to think. Most spend their whole lives being indoctrinated and never realize they need to reverse engineer anything. Or they consider it backwards thinking because you have to go back into a problem in order so solve it. Think of it like traveling forward through a backwards facing and traveling universe.

Gravity itself is a negative force. Gravity pulls objects down, keeps them in place. Greater energetic density on an individual, caused by karma = greater gravitational pull = more “collisions.”

Entropy = negative, backwards, disordered movement

Negative entropy = forward energy via reverse engineering, problem solving, fixing

Negative entropy = positive energy

On teachers: earthly teachers simply reinforce the BEHAVIOR of obedience via memorization and Pavlovian-like training. They may try to trick their students to prove their superior intellect, or withhold information, or only teach in one way on purpose. They usually do not even consider how the child learns, and thus learning is standardized. They do not test the learning skills acquired but only the indoctrination. If you had been taught to learn, you would have no problem reverse engineering. But reverse engineering has to be re-taught because it is a skill required to generate positive energy. Those who can reverse engineer (aka heal themselves) are the ones who become enlightened.

You have to go through life ready and willing to reverse engineer everything in order to reach enlightenment. In order to do that you have to feel. How does something make you feel? That is the starting point. Then, what does it remind you of? How did it come to be the way that it is? Which negative energetic methods were used to keep it from functioning optimally? What is it missing in order to function optimally? What information was withheld from you in regards to this thing? How could it be changed to generate positive energy? Which problems do you predict will happen if you do not fix it? What are your solutions to those problems before they happen? The more you do this, the more it becomes second nature and therefore you are able to reverse engineer everything. When you reverse engineer everything, you can learn where it started, its origins, the intention it was created with, who it benefits, who it hurts, why it is in existence, and more. You have to reverse engineer the 3D karmic system as well as the ego to understand why humanity exists and why it is in pain as well as what this has to do with positive versus negative energetic forces.

How to recognize Christ Consciousness in others

Over the years I’ve worked with all brands of empaths (and now just write for them), but there is a special kind of empathic person who I consider a high processor. That is, extremely emotionally intelligent, damn near all-knowing because of how much they perceive and feel, and extremely intuitive. They also have the hallmark of open fourth and sixth chakra activity — or the desire and ability to open them — despite their own wounding blocking these energy centers due to karma. These are the people that possess a Christ Consciousness (CC).

For some, even these people themselves, this term is a turn-off because of how religion and the message of Jesus Christ have both been distorted and been used to distort and harm others. But one can possess a Christ Consciousness without adhering to a religion, even a formal method of spirituality, and without any set standard dogma to cloud their vision. In fact, many of these people have been severely harmed by the teachings of the church.

Despite this, some empaths possess a natural intuition that, though driven deep into their subconscious mind, has never truly gone away. These people have an innate third eye activity though they tend to doubt it and have been driven into states of cognitive dissonance due to abuse and ego. While anyone can possess an intuition or develop one, it is the hallmark of a true Christ Consciousness empath to seem to have a higher perspective on life, pain, and the emotional state of themselves and others even if they are consciously unaware of it.

With so many people invested in and interested in spirituality and religion worldwide, it can become confusing to know who to trust, whose information to take seriously, who to align yourself with, and more. Keep in mind that everyone possesses their own soul vibration, and sometimes two: the one based on ego wounding, and the one based on their true self which often resides in them subconsciously. In other words, the hurt inner child and the socially acceptable adult. Narcissists pretend there is no hurt inner child and empaths can’t help but resonate with the wounded spirit because it feels overwhelming to them. Usually, those with a CC tend to push their true selves deep into the recesses of the subconscious mind, like a game of hide and seek, so it is not enough to observe someone for their belief or behavior. You must also feel for their true soul vibration. CC empaths are almost always seeking the truth and disappointed or dejected when they cannot find it.

Truthfully most in the spiritual or metaphysical communities do not possess this “hide and seek” energy, which tells you a lot. Not only is the spiritual community rife with covert narcissism, it’s also full of those who do not possess a true Christ Consciousness. As an energy reader, I can tell you that this means, while they are perhaps not malignant, they feel a bit more blank or grey in their auras than those whose fourth and sixth chakras come shining through their energy field like a brilliant light. When you find that brilliant light, it’s hard to forget, and it’s also difficult to not become really excited, like you finally found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s a feeling of, “Yay! You’re my people! I finally found you again!” And you seem to pick up from nowhere, despite not having history in this lifetime.

Due to the trauma these empathic people incur, they may end up frustrated, angry, anxious, or depressed, secretly hating the world but choosing the higher path of kindness and love until they are forced to their breaking point by abuse. Ultimately they are their own worst judge and expect the very best of themselves and get disappointed when they do not live up to their expectations of perfection. They continually, even if only subconsciously, choose life lessons and attempt to learn from them, if only to stop their own internalized feelings of imperfection (which they tend to feel very ashamed of).

Once their wounds are identified, they are able to access heart chakra activity once more. Chances are, before this, they go through life attempting to love and share love at the capacity which they understand it, which is greater than most. However, until they recognize the fake (karmic) love they have been offered thus far, they will not be able to understand divine love, as offered from source energy because they are simply amnesic to that vibration. Think of frequencies as a library of sorts. Only when you “read” the book again can you understand the information you forgot. If the “books” are burned or suppressed, then you can’t adapt to the new vibration because you haven’t relearned it. When and if they realize how much the version of “love” that was passed down to them by karmic partners lacked, they will be able to project the true vibration of love from their fourth chakra.

If you are a person who possesses such consciousness and find yourself in the presence of another who does as well, you will find that both of your abilities are amplified when together. Not only will you realize your own healing powers, but you will recognize theirs, and you will both be able to tap into the vibration of universal truth once more. As you both heal your wounds, this feeling will intensify and you will look forward to being around each other because not only will they feel like home to you and vice versa, but they will remind you there is more as well as who you were before your incarnations on Earth.

Usually, unless karma or wounding is between you, there is an immediate trust, a feeling of home and security, and a deep understanding that while you may externally be different, you certainly operate in the same way. They may not be in the healing arts or believe in metaphysics, but deep down, their values represent these truths. They work to stop entropy, they enjoy solving problems, they hate backwards movement or stagnation, and they believe we can all get along if we tried. Your excitement about them is because you share soul resonances that have been very difficult to find up until now. You may feel a deep love for them that you cannot understand. It is because they remind you of the love of your true spiritual homeland.

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”