Reclaiming your true identity

As the reality around us continues to implode, as the truth is exposed in record time, those on the ascension journey find more and more falsehoods to shed: the lies you have been told about yourself, the abuse you endured, the many times you questioned but were told to stop asking (or speaking). If little here has every made sense to you, that’s a good sign.

You have been born into a constructed reality. At birth, you were assigned a role to play, according to your parents’ or caregivers’ desires. Yes, you were given a name and gender, a weight and length, but also, as you grew, you were taught who you are and who you can become. You were told what you like, what to eat, how assertively or softly to speak, what to wear, how smart you are as well as your perceived aptitude or talents, whom to love or marry, which religion to choose, where to live, and on and on.

Nearly everyone else in your family, group, tribe, or community fit into these expectations so seamlessly you wondered why you’ve had trouble doing the same. There has always existed a void between these expectations and who you really are. Your true self became a dirty little secret, hidden deep within the recesses of your subconscious mind.

When you did not obey the orders you were assigned at birth, you were spanked, shamed, chastised, neglected, or isolated. You were told how wrong or terrible you are. You were reminded how unlike everyone else you are, and if you wanted love or success, you must obey the orders. For some, far worse punishment ensued as soon as they made a decision for themselves, including physical beatings, rape, extreme mental duress, and for some, even death.

You became more and more frustrated or dejected at the person you have been forced to become versus the person you feel you inherently are. Few have ever asked who you actually are deep inside of your soul, and indeed, if they knew the truth of who you secretly are, you feel they would reject or bully you altogether. It is as if there is some secret inside of your soul that makes you set apart from the rest, as if you are a stranger in a strange land. The physical body may be acclimated to this place but your soul never has.

The next big step is releasing the identities you were assigned, in both this lifetime and others. As I write about in my book, How to Become Intuitive, the soul cannot be chained by human labels. Your soul always was and your soul always will be. The ascended masters came to teach us this lesson, namely, you are not your body and you don’t die after you die; you go on. To where you go on is up to you.

Imagine being reincarnated lifetime after lifetime and bring forced to become who society, the state, and your caregivers, friends or family wanted you to be. Imagine what you were forced to do just to survive. Imagine ignoring your own soul each time in order to fly under the radar and not be punished, or to live and eat and have shelter. To fit in. Imagine how much subconscious programming you would accumulate that must be cleared. This is the job of those ascending. This is the soul roll call you received some time ago: to finally figure out who you actually are.

Think of it like an inverse reaction: as more cover ups and lies are exposed to the public, the greater insight you have about the truth. The truth of yourself, of others, and of why you are here. As one gets worse, the other gets better. As one become more chaotic, the other becomes more clear. You can utilize the principle of the opposite to finally perceive the truth.

It is safe to completely give up your false identity. The one others assigned you that has nothing to do with who you actually are; your human persona that appeased but did not fulfill you. Once you shed this, few will see your real self. They won’t be able to recognize it because they don’t even recognize it for themselves. But some will. And you will. It’s okay to become the higher self and identify as such. The you that is separate from all wounding, physical limitations, judgments from others, and instruction is who you really are. What if you stopped caring what others want you to be and started living as an infinite being within the system? You would be free of your karma and your soul will be able to go on after this constructed reality collapses.

How to translate and understand narcopath-ese

Narcissists speak a language unto themselves. An empathic person born into this world will not innately understand it and therefore feel confused, left out, and weird for not speaking the language of the general population. You may always be worried who will try to play “gotcha” next and how you will respond, interpret their meaning, or defend yourself.

Once you understand the basics of how these people operate you can easily translate their meanings in order to not only understand their real intention and find clarity for yourself, but also be able to predict what they will do next based on their true meanings and intentions.

You have to keep in mind that language is not only acquired through memorization, observation and immersion, or acquiring it as a native speaker. Language is also an energy that can be felt. The words that come out of one’s mouth do not necessarily reflect the language they are speaking. You must feel for what they are actually saying, based on the energy of intention they are putting off. You can feel in order to translate.

Here’s what you want to keep in mind:

  1. Narcissists and sociopaths speak in reverse. A healthy person starts with telling the truth and then observes any lies as a result of the truth. A “narcopath” will tell the lies first and wait to see the reaction of those listening.
  2. They obfuscate their lies by making them appear to be truths. While telling the lie, they rely on appeals to truth, peace, equality, justice, and harmony. Think of it as two opposing currents. One, on top, is what they think everyone wants to hear in order to prevent exposing themselves. The other current, beneath that, is the truth they tell in a backwards way so that it becomes a riddle one has to figure out.
  3. They also obfuscate their meaning via nostalgia or other appeals to emotions. They make you sentimental for the past, despite the past being hellish. They make you fearful for the future without them. So people keep repeating the past, seeking the feeling of love or connectedness that has been promised to them by the narc.
  4. Their words and actions always betray each other.
  5. They create incentives or reward people for supporting and upholding the narc’s statements. They place supporters on a pedestal so the rest of society yearns to be recognized and idolized as they are. The elites of the world are some of the most insecure human beings. They project elitism but they worship the head narc in order to feel worthy themselves because it is not generated from within.

Here’s a little translation from last night’s 2020 State of the Union address:

Freedom unifies the soul” = We pretend you are free but take your rights or make you pay for or earn basic rights so that your souls are always at odds with each other in class warfare. You are not free or unified. Freedom unifies the soul, which is why we will never give it to you.

We will always protect patients with preexisting conditions” = if being an energetic slave made you sick, its okay, we’ll still let you pay for health care. We won’t cut off your rights because you were a bad example to others by showing them what the system does to a person’s body and soul. You are still allowed to pay for over-priced help. We will continue to make money off of you, don’t worry.

Stanctuary” = greatest Freudian slip of the night. Immigrants are beneath me.

Simply put, backwards language does not make sense. It requires you decode it in order to understand and have the upper hand. And this is why empathic people have never felt at home here or understood this place. Everything is backwards, including how narcs communicate.

Channeled messages 02/03/2020

On your original present-lifetime wound and your narcissistic parent(s)’ role in it: You have to go back to your original wound in this present lifetimes. It either early trauma (what a baby or young child would consider traumatic, not what an adult would), or attachment problems, or a mixture of the two. You have to discover what your original belief about yourself was, based on what your parents or caregivers reinforced. What is the statement? If you cannot figure it out, test your subconscious mind by reciting various possible statements. When you come to the correct answer, it will feel like an aha! moment and you may feel physically and energetically lighter.

As a child, you would do anything to survive. Narcs are incapable of helping anything to grow or expand, so if your caregivers were narcissistic, you were in constant states of biological stress because you worried you would die. So you learned to do whatever the parent wanted in order to ensure your survival. Imagine what would happen if you went against your parent, the person who kept you alive as an infant and child. Imagine you trying to fend for your survival by always keeping them happy. You came to believe you are bad and they must be kept happy at all times or you will die. This is how the ego programming begins each lifetime. You must overcome the original parental belief wound in this lifetime. Go back to the source: Handlers.

Narcs talk over and guide their children in conversation to make themselves look like fit parents. They smile and act loving or jovial but it’s just to control the child in order to control the other adults perception. So the child learns to vouch for the handler. Then they find a spouse who requires the same because this is what they were taught love was. It feels familiar. So the empaths are kept in a hypnotic painful response as a result and this creates cognitive dissonance between their conscious and subconscious minds. This is what differentiates and creates the duality of the mind: conscious and subconscious. This is why you feel you are two people: one deep inside who you really are and one every one has told you to be (or you face punishment). 

Digging into the subconscious mind means liberating the trauma so that it is no longer a junk storage facility. So that everything, conscious and subconscious, aka your perception and theirs, is no longer separate, only one being believed and one being a dirty little secret.

On subconscious cues from narcs: Narcs and the double blink: when making eye contact with narcs they will do a double blink or blink then look to their right and down (indicative of accessing the part of the brain that makes things up and improvises or plots) when your soul comes shining through your eyes. It’s like they talk themselves out of seeing it. It’s like they don’t want you to see that they can see who you really are. Or, you said something that upset their ego so they took it as a slight. That means you’re in for it. You usurped their power or reminded them you see through them.

Their punishment for this is in your third Chakra. Fear and anxiety and pain burning pain. It’s how they zap your energy from your kidneys and adrenals. They kept feeding off of you in a stress response. Of course. Your third Chakra is literally called your power Chakra. You need vibrant kidneys and adrenal to go the long haul on this place. They also become nervous or angry and take notice when you no longer respond to their various Pavlovian cues. They will watch you and wait to see if you respond. They may seem perplexed if you don’t. They will try it again. If you don’t respond this may elicit a further response from them or they may plot and prey. 

You are trained out of reality by your handlers through hypnotic suggestion and punishment. You feel the sting in your chakras every time you disobey. You learn to associate love with being zapped. And the zap of energy transfer is compounded by the fact that they choose the chakra(s) that they know irritate you the most from past lives. 

You have to pay extremely acute attention to the narcs cues. They are so unbelievably subtle most will miss them or believe any one who notices them to be delusional. Often it is a sniff of one nostril. Other times it is the wiggling of toes. Perhaps they huff and puff. Perhaps they stomp one foot or shuffle their feet. It is these cues that can only be registered by the subconscious mind while you are in states of cognitive dissonance. Once you integrate the conscious and subconscious minds, you spot it in real time.

The “best” victims learn these cues subconsciously and do their best to never ever step beyond the line their handler has set out. They are completely controlled by the Pavlovian responses. Because their drive to please and survive is so strong, they are the best energy givers and they supply their handler all day and night. They may not be the most bumped and bruised but they are often the most drained because they are eating themselves alive to not face punishment. Of course nothing a victim does can ever end abuse, except perhaps leaving (though even that’s not true most of the time). It’s just to say that the victim tries to be a perfect person to keep their handler happy.

And this is a form of abuse that has never even been acknowledged: energetic. Why else would you have to keep someone happy all day should you risk punishment expect for the fact that it’s an energetic prison?

Why it’s hard for victims to forgive

Forgiveness isn’t just a reflection of the state of your heart chakra and ability to love. Some people built walls of stuff around them to keep people out. Some people build energetic walls around their heart to keep themselves from feeling anything because life has not served them much in the way of real love. Either way, it become difficult to forgive. But forgiveness is also a reflection of the state of your highest chakra, the 7th, which sits atop your head.

The 7th chakra is the energy center representing the mystical, the ethereal, and all of the knowledge you had once forgotten but received once more (if you’ve done the personal work to heal yourself and become intuitive) in your current incarnation regarding the meaning of life. This is the most difficult chakra center to unlock due to the spiritual amnesia we are subjected to while our parents, caregivers, and society reinforce the ego programming of our prescribed persona and perpetual wounding based on the wounding they carry within themselves. Unlocking this chakra means you become an ascended master, “enlightened” just like the greats (my personal favorites being Jesus Christ and the Buddha).

If you have been a victim of abuse (and really, as I ask in my book, who hasn’t on planet Earth?), it will often feel impossible to forgive. For an empathic person, this will tear at you and eat you up because it keeps you in a state of hatred, fear, betrayal, isolation, or cognitive dissonance which is not your normal frequency. Perhaps you avoid the geographical location you were first abused. Or you worry about running into your abusers while you are out and about so you seclude yourself. Or perhaps you remain locked in a mental prison, reliving the trauma through a series of never-ending flashbacks which leaves you reaching for vices to take the edge off.

Either way, it is difficult for a victim to forgive for several reasons. First, you didn’t deserve what they did to you and there is no explanation you can come to to excuse their behavior any longer. You desperately want to understand why and often there are no real answers. (Of course, as I explain in my book, abuse at its core, can only be explained and understood energetically, so understanding the metaphysical translation of your pain is essential since it makes little sense otherwise). Secondly, forgiveness means you no longer close yourself off to certain people. For a victim, this is scary because it potentially means you might offer yourself to someone who destroyed you.

This isn’t just difficult because your abuser probably doesn’t deserve your kindness, but also because it means you will have to let your guard down and they may take advantage of you again. They may do it to you all over. Your nervous system is working to prevent this from happening at all costs. Your anxiety, depression, fears and phobias are all a reflection of your body’s attempt to prevent future abuse. In order to forgive, you have to overcome your body’s own programming. This is not easy.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore red flags, let abusers back in, or offer yourself to them for more cat and mouse games. It means you create a peace within yourself to let go of the energetic walls they forced you to build, and that are holding you back. It means seeing this place for what it really is (an energetic and elitist prison system) and understanding you are not your body, and that your soul extends beyond what they have done to you. It means remembering who you were before your incarnations on Earth, before the adverse experiences, and forgiving the system that enabled the abuse to occur in the first place. It doesn’t mean forgetting, it means remembering.

Forgiveness does not mean you excuse or condone what happened to you or the person who exercised a devious or deranged power against you. It means you understand and accept the sick system we have all been unwitting participants in. It means you recognize your divinity once more in order to ascend out of the hell of the third dimensional reality in which pain is a constant. In doing so, you reclaim the power of your 7th chakra and perceive the truth about reality.

Channeled Messages for the 2020 New Year

Forgiveness & the 7th chakra

Forgiveness feels really good. It is the essential healing component that is the final key in the lock. It is the essence of the 7th chakra that many have a hard time mastering. Once you forgive, there is no need to judge because there is no reason to keep another at a disadvantage. You know that no one or no thing can hurt you. You are above it all and you always overcome it all.

You have to forgive yourself for feeling ashamed, stupid, and disappointed in yourself for not seeing the truth and being fooled. You hated who you were. That’s because who you were was a false pain suit; of course you hated yourself. You have to forget who you were programmed to be and how much you dislike that person in order to remember who you are.

This is why Christ says you have to believe by faith that you are healed. It requires your faith as you shed the egoic energies: no one else can see them and no one else can release them. Only you can feel them. Only you know when you are healed. You will not receive confirmation or validation in such an extreme groupthink setting.

Your divine nature, ego, and fascia

Returning to your god nature is no different than your chakras being aligned once again. Think of them as “censors.” The right side controls your conscious mind and ego. You begin to have imbalances between the left and right hemispheres of the brain because the right side is constantly rewarded and reinforced.

The left side of your body connects to the part of the brain that understands emotions, which the chakras are dependent upon. You have to understand emotions in order to understand the messages of the divine; they can only be felt in order to be translated.

So, many empaths strain to compensate for the chakra imbalance caused by the presence of the right-sided ego. Often, the left side of the body presents much worse physically and pain-wise because of the straining to listen to the emotions you receive and overcome the heavy incessant energetic weight of the ego. That’s why you see dysfunctional fascia predominantly on the left side of the body (the feminine wound).

The karmic separation of the divine masculine and divine feminine

Men are being hypnotized by cheap, available sex. It keeps them in a primal state, unable to shed the ego and ascend. They cannot help it because it is a biological response, but it is their obligation to recognize and overcome it (which is possible). It drives everything they do. And since men control the patriarchal system which governs all, fake love and sex controls the men and women of the system alike. This is why up until the great societal changes we have seen in the last few years, the sexes were forever imbalanced in their ability to shed the ego. Women have always done the hard work because they’re more capable of empathy (due to biology and reproduction potential for ensuring young survive).

It took the uprising of women to shame men in order to scare them into submission to the higher self. The only thing that would stop them is the literal shrinking of the ego — because man was forced into it to in order to avoid societal shame (which biologically means fewer resources, respect, and potential female partners — which are his biological imperatives). It is the slow undoing of the ego and patriarchal system by melting it or forcing it, rather than doing it voluntarily, which is a female biological trait. Biologically, the female expects no help from others (or very little help) because she is the sole biological provider (the teacher, shelter, food, protector) for a baby after birth.

Think of the males’ hypnotic state not so much as something sexual but as brainwashing and you’ll have less anger or resentment towards them. Eventually you will think of sex as something similar to two goats bleating: an annoying biological characteristic that is driven by your flesh suit, that cannot light up your energy centers forever. You were taught to associate getting “lit up” energetically with lusts that can’t sustain you and can never be satisfied so you chase them forever which completely detracts from your spiritual growth.

Is laughable that humans want to be treated as a species higher than animals. You don’t behave as such just because you possess intellect. Your intellect doesn’t make you higher than the monkeys. You still behave like them until you shed the ego.

The twins will join soon. Forgive now so you are not at odds with yourself. Otherwise you will always be at odds with yourself and change the vibration of everyone around you which will change the frequency at which we operate, which is the frequency of perfection. That is why this place is so painful for you: you are constantly reminded of and hurt for your imperfection under the false construct that was imposed onto you by the ego.

You are scared to admit this reality to each other because of the fear you will be judged. You have to share an “insane” idea that is completely contradictory to everything you have ever been taught or brainwashed into believing: that your soul is not from here.

Judgment by “God”

You’re still scared of God. “God” is nothing to be feared. He is like a scarecrow. He exists only to scare souls into believing he is the final judge, that you do not clearly know what his expectations are, and that you can never meet them. You have been programmed to believe you will be rejected by this “God” you fear so much, so you choose to keep returning to the karmic prison system incarnation after incarnation.

On escaping the matrix

Notice the reaction of those around you once you start waking up to the reality that you live on an insane, unfair, and unhealthy planet. As you begin escaping the programming, those around you start pretending. They ignore your essential truth and findings. They tell you you are wrong. They put a blank spot in their minds so the truth is not energetically reflected back to you. They punish or re-train you. Or they distort the truth so you are utterly confused.

They will always pretend this reality is normal or ideal, and like you are insane for waking up to the reality that contradicts this. There’s so many more of those who believe they are living in a heaven on Earth, or trying to purposefully overlook the problems. You will always come up against groupthink that talks you out of your convictions.

That’s what the ego does. It’s like being brain dead, repeating the same things that were trained to them. Or doing those things. They spread the energetic virus of compliance and groupthink and you stand out like a sore thumb because you question.

The ego virus

Like any other “virus”, the ego has an innate desire to reproduce and live forever and ever. The problem for a divine soul is that you have to become infected with the ego in the process of life, and then recognize it and reverse engineer it on yourself (as well as others) all while being in a spiritually amnesic state until you receive full chakra power once more. No easy task.