How to Become Intuitive is published!

It’s here, y’all! The book I have been working on for the last year and a half is officially published! It’s now available in paperback (and soon, ebook) on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other major retailers websites, and the Balboa Press store!

Please pick up a copy, give it a good read, let it sink in, and if you would be so kind — leave a comment and rating. Thank you all so much for following me on this journey and enjoying the material I have released thus far. I know the information contained in How to Become Intuitive will be as life-changing for you reading it as it was for me living and writing it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Full foreword from my book “How to Become Intuitive”


Being talked out of ourselves is nothing new. In fact, it is as old as time itself. Throughout history, systems have been set in place to keep people from processing and digesting what is truly happening to them and around them, in order for others to maintain control. You intuitively understand the truth but are talked out of it — or talk yourself out of it. Monarchs, politicians, employers, teachers, police, parents, and religious figures have told us what is real even when the reality of life is something so much more vast, sometimes derelict, hidden, “magical,” or incredulous. Only years or decades later, do we learn the truth behind the false storylines we have been fed and then question why no one told us the truth (or saw it for themselves) in the first place. Often we are gripped with regret for not trusting ourselves or fighting hard enough for what we “knew” was right all along but were talked out of.

Finding the truth is important to me, likely as it is to you, and I feel driven to help people understand how to uncover the truths that have remained hidden and suppressed for generations, but also learn to instinctively trust yourself based on your gut reactions to situations you find yourself in. In doing so, you liberate yourself from the false realities of the 3-dimensional world that are keeping you stressed and sick and unable to be the authentic expression of yourself that you were born to be. In trusting the truth and learning to tune into your intuition, you are able to rid yourself of old stories and attitudes that no longer serve you, and you are able to recognize the ills of the world and take action to remedy them instead of quietly waiting for someone else to do it. You are able to tap into the fifth dimension, or angelic realms, where only truth exists. When we recognize the truth, we all become better people. When you recognize your truth, you become the person you were born to be. There is no greater gift.

I believe we are living in a time in which understanding the truth is of great importance, but it is also a difficult task. Everywhere we look are public relations campaigns disguised as unbiased information, social media and television distracting us from our true purpose here, world leaders feeding us the “palatable” version of events, smear campaigns that happen in a split second because someone had an opinion the masses didn’t like, and there is a near-constant finger-wagging and public shaming for those who think for themselves. Planet Earth is rife with systems of judgment and punishment, and we have all been asked to “play a part” to avoid the shame of being a free-thinker. In fact, these things are nothing new, as I hope to show you in this book, but now it is certainly intensifying.

Because of the great feminine awakening ascension process Earth is currently undergoing, karma is finally catching up with people who have acted out illegal or immoral behaviors but were never brought to justice. In fact, karma is coming for us all. While it’s disheartening to see how many injustices have been committed, it is absolutely thrilling to see the undoing of evil before our very eyes. Truly, no one is safe from the skeletons of the past seeking them out until the truth is exposed, believed, honored, and rectified. This should be an exciting time for you too. There is finally a foothold upon which to act and to become unabashedly intuitive. While intuitives have been punished in the past for their gifts, more and more people are opening themselves up to holistic spirituality and alternative health practices. More women and children are finding their voices. More victims are coming forward to say “yes, me too.” The hopeful are rising against the hopeless, the empaths against the narcissists, and the brave helpers are finding their place in the world despite the fear. The seal has been broken, and unpleasant truths are coming to the surface to be dealt with finally. Those who are intuitive and, therefore, able to perceive the truth will have an edge in this planetary awakening and ascension.

When we don’t believe the reality of what we have seen, lived, and felt, or when we are consistently talked out of it, we can become paralyzed with self-doubt, insecurity, resentment, anger, frustration, despair, and physical ailments. Cognitive dissonance — that is, the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes that we have a difficult time integrating — acts as a cloud over our daily life and keeps us small, sick, subservient, feeling chaotic and directionless. You may wonder if your life has a purpose and question why you are here to begin with — and this is no way to live. I say this because I have been there. In fact, for thirty-two years of my life I lived in the false realities that others created for me, and I obeyed in order for other people to remain comfortable. I did everything I could not to rock the boat, and they did everything they could to keep us all blind. Only when I became utterly physically and emotionally sick did I stand up and say “no more — we all need to face reality.” If they weren’t going to join me, I would go at it alone.

Becoming intuitive is a process, a bit like peeling back the layers of an onion. You have to “peel back” things that prevent you from tapping into your gut instincts: abuse and trauma, wounds, lessons left unlearned, projections, societal programming, negative mindsets, physical ailments, fear of going against the groupthink, and more. If you go into this process understanding that there are many layers that require being stripped away, it won’t feel so laborious. That’s not to say it will feel easy, but you also can’t expect it to happen overnight. Becoming intuitive requires we surrender our whole selves to the greater good that the Universe desires for us. In order to become beneficiaries of that greater good, we have to release that which is evil, painful, and wrong. Whatever has been done to us, to humanity as a whole, or that we have done to others and ourselves must be repaired. We can only peel one layer at a time and shouldn’t be hard on ourselves if that peeling takes a few weeks, a few months, or a few years. It takes as long as it needs to take.

See, in order to perceive the truth, you must take a step back and interpret all that you have experienced in your life. You must begin to look at the world as though everything has meaning and is a piece of a greater puzzle you are here to solve. If you live as though life should be a straight line to the top, then you will miss the clues. Only when you are observant enough and reflective enough to process the “oddities” you have lived can you begin making associations about what it all means. In other words, if you don’t understand there is a rhyme and reason — a system, if you will — you will never be able to overcome the system. You will never be able to see that you have been asleep most of your life (in fact, we all have been) or why you were forced into an amnesic state in the first place. Becoming intuitive not only teaches you there is rich meaning in life but that nothing happens by chance, and it is all connected to a larger system that we had no clue we are participants in.

This book is a labor of love and stems from the darkest pains I have experienced in life. Undoubtedly you too have felt such pain and want to understand once and for all what life really is beyond the veil of falsehood. You deserve the truth because the truth is truly what sets us free. I firmly believe that intuition is inborn into each one of us. For many, it is a divine gift that has been wrongfully taken away through mental and physical abuses, or just plain old ignorance and apathy. The good news is, intuition is accessible to us all, and with the correct guidance and information, you can tap into it once more. Once you trust your intuition and firmly stick with it, you will be amazed at how your life begins to change for the better and how your actions affect change in your community and the world.

I have been channelling messages from the other side for decades — as long as I could write, really, but didn’t understand it was a divine gift that I needed to share with the world until a few years ago. Words flowed through me and I got sudden bursts of inspiration that had such loving, powerful, higher perspectives and tones that I knew it wasn’t coming from me. After years of suppression, I had become so stressed and sick from my highly empathic and intuitive nature that I eventually had to publicly “come out” as an Intuitive Healer and begin pursuing it professionally not to be sickened by suppressing it anymore. I had to let my intuition reign free. In fact, this book has been channeled and I have to thank those from the other side who offered me words and inspiration to collect these ideas in one place for the benefit of others. This wasn’t something I necessarily wanted to publish; it was something I needed to publish.

As a child, I remember asking myself, “What is real? What is reality?” I wanted more than anything to know what was real in this world. I didn’t know what was real because the things I innately felt were true, right, and good were not what the people around me chose to live out and act on. I felt I was bad, wrong, and crazy because I just couldn’t force myself to believe what others did. I played along quite well and was a perfect student, a quiet daughter, and a subservient Christian but the things I was taught never sat well with me despite how hard I worked to believe them. I tried to force my mind to behave like other people’s but it just couldn’t; it was too painful and all of the subconscious problems I internalized over the years eventually became physical health problems.

I can recall how tense my body became at each family gathering as I watched my mother, father, grandparents, and aunts and uncles pretend everything in our lives was fine — great in fact — despite the longstanding and unspoken feuds, gossip, and pain. For those few hours over a holiday meal or birthday cake, we would feign all was well with our world and awkwardly make as much surface-level conversation as we could. But no amount of syrupy icing, angel food cake, questions about how school was going, and compliments on the meal could hide the underlying static electricity I felt at the words not being said. The frenetic stress exploded into my core at the reality no one wanted to acknowledge. Why were we all lying, and how long could we pretend? Why didn’t anyone choose to acknowledge or work through these problems? Was this pretending reality, or was reality a world in which there are no problems? I couldn’t decide.

When you start to deconstruct the falsehoods you have lived, be aware — you may have to go at it alone. Not everyone is ready to see reality for what it really is. You may upset others, become a scapegoat, be ostracized or isolated. You may begin to feel very lonely as if no one else is on the journey with you. This is normal because number one, people actively work to suppress problems (aka the truth) because confronting it and working through it is an utterly difficult experience. In fact, acknowledging one’s problems, or karma, is akin to opening Pandora’s box; you have no idea what kind of chaos and destruction will fly out at you. Also, no one else can truly be on your journey with you. It is yours alone because your experiences are unique to you. No one else has lived the situations that are leading you to the perceptions and conclusions about which direction you should go in, and even if you try to explain your truth to other people, they likely won’t value it as you do or take it seriously because they haven’t lived it. Since intuition is acquired through the process of living, others haven’t felt the nuances or momentum behind your experiences. This is okay, so long as you keep trusting yourself.

Famous psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung writes, “The fact that a man who goes his own way ends in ruin means nothing… He must obey his own law, as if it were a daemon whispering to him of new and wonderful paths… There are not a few who are called awake by the summons of the voice, whereupon they are at once set apart from the others, feeling confronted with a problem about which the others know nothing. In most cases it is impossible to explain to the others what has happened, for any understanding is walled off by impenetrable prejudices. ‘You are no different from anybody else,’ they will chorus or, ‘there’s no such thing,’ and even if there is such a thing, it is immediately branded as ‘morbid’… He is at once set apart and isolated, as he has resolved to obey the law that commands him from within. ‘His own law!’ everybody will cry. But he knows better: it is the law… The only meaningful life is a life that strives for the individual realization — absolute and unconditional — of its own particular law… To the extent that a man is untrue to the law of his being… he has failed to realize his own life’s meaning.”

When I admitted I was an Intuitive and had not been trusting my own intuition but wanted to start, my life fell apart in the best way possible. It is likely yours will as well. All of the facades and false realities I had clung to in order to be compliant, stay small and well-liked, seem normal, and not force anyone else to take a look in the mirror suddenly came crashing down — and with a huge, loud, public bang! On my thirty-second birthday on a family vacation to Hawaii, I sat alone on a lounge chair looking up at the sky. I watched from the rental house deck as the tropical trees swayed back and forth, and bright red birds chattered to and fro. I looked up to the Universe and thought, “You have gotten me this far. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it.” I was hoping there was a higher power who could hear me, but in all honesty, I didn’t expect there to be any return on that silent commitment.

At that time, I considered myself agnostic and mainly used my intuitive abilities to generate very detailed personalized nutritional plans for clients as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I had an uncanny ability to listen to the symptoms they described and connect it back to specific food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies that no doctor was able to elucidate. As a result, many of my clients were able to put their symptoms — or illness itself — into remission as I had several years prior with my Hashimoto’s Disease. I called it “nutritional detective work” and a “second opinion approach” at the time and felt my intuition was more logical than spiritual. I did dabble in life coaching as well and spoke at length with clients about the stress in their lives and always tried connecting it back to a wound that presented within the person. However, I never would have anticipated where that little vow to the sky would land me: in a world of metaphysics, past lives, karma, empaths and energy vampires, chakra balancing, soul contracts, and channeled messages. That day on my birthday (Groundhog’s Day), I suspected I had a greater purpose that I should begin living out. I stepped out publicly as an Intuitive Healer, began offering Energy Readings, and changed the course of my life forever.

After my public “outing,” the family I was vacationing with immediately distanced themselves from me. I felt their underlying disappointment and tension at the admission of my abilities. I had always been quiet. I had always observed. Now they knew why. They spoke around me but no longer to me. I received dirty looks and curt responses. About a week later, the bulk of my karma came rushing at me. When I returned home from the trip, I was met with public shaming, gossip, and smear campaigns from friends and acquaintances alike. I realized many of these relationships had never been healthy, and the true nature of our dynamics could no longer be suppressed. As such, I relived abusive karmic past life scenarios and understood the people I knew in the present had all played a very significant role in my past and, therefore, my present-day wounding. I was losing love from nearly everyone I knew because I had admitted to the truth of my soul. My ego was in the process of dying, and I saw the world for what it really was, not what I’d always hoped it would be.

More notably, for the first time in my life, I began having supernatural contact and understood that we are indeed infinite spiritual beings capable of having otherworldly experiences. In fact, after I stepped out in faith as an Intuitive, I was immensely humbled when I had a supernatural soulmate spark in the eye with a man I did not know and instantly fell in love with him — and he with me. I remembered his soul and our past lives together and shared an immediate telepathic connection with him. I had met my soulmate when I least expected it, when I wasn’t looking, and when it was the wrong timing for both of us. The divine didn’t care about interrupting the lives we had built or how taboo our love would come to be in the eyes of others; it cared about eternal truth, and for better or worse, the truth came rushing at both of us.

This spark-in-the-eye moment also forced me to remember my soul’s purpose as if a blueprint had been revealed to me. I received intuitive images, began to see omens, saw evil flashes of light come from two karmic partner’s eyes, and had two angels present themselves to me for protection. I had learned that truth is truly stranger than fiction. I had been given my true life’s path, and the divine was assisting to show the rhyme and reason behind it all. “Remember how you’ve done this before?” these situations told me. “Don’t you want to do it differently this time?” the divine directed me. Prior to this, I didn’t know the supernatural was real or care if it was. Now it was staring me down. I had promised to do what the Universe wanted. I came to find, it wanted me to resolve my karma, and in doing so, teach myself and others how to step into our dharma.

What we see in the 3D realm of existence is so limited. Once we open up and trust the divine, the possibilities are endless and you will begin to understand the world in a new way. You see, once you start trusting your higher self or higher power, you begin the process of ascension in which you shed your ego, release your karma, access higher spiritual realities, pursue your dharma — your true life’s path — and begin seeing or feeling other dimensions (such as the fourth and fifth). Truly, in trusting your intuition, magical, serendipitous experiences will begin to unfold all around you. This is a precious gift, but also please understand — there generally is no turning back. It is a life mission that you sign up for once you begin trusting yourself, your experiences, and perceptions about the world and break through the facades others have created for you. It is as if your old life dies and you have to be reborn. The death process is as painful as the rebirth.

In fact, I would call becoming intuitive the hardest life process of them all. It drudges up old personal wounds and unresolved lessons that are often our deepest fears (though this is purposeful and good in the big picture, as I will explain). It calls forth generational archetypes that have consistently worked to harm humanity, which are difficult for any one person to come up against. It also forces you to develop an entirely new self-image — a healthy one in which you are not attached to nor define yourself based on the lies of the ego. You can no longer be “the good girl,” “the quiet one,” “the fun one,” “the loud one,” or “the serious one.” You have to release all categorizations and limitations you or others have placed on you because these are not who you really are. They are just the roles you have been asked to play, but they are not a true expression of your soul. The soul is timeless and cannot be chained by human labels. Not only will this book teach you how to access and live from your intuition, it will also help you recognize such patterns, wounds, and lessons in order to break the cycles and become who you really are.

I feel compelled to help those starting out on this journey understand what they will be giving up and the consequences of trusting yourself — because yes, there are many. It is a process of total surrender. You cannot suddenly choose to become less intuitive after months or years of trusting yourself. You have to bow down to the process and allow it to flow through you. Life will change, and you will be asked — or forced — to process what you have avoided for many years. Things that no longer serve you will be stripped away, sometimes slowly but sometimes quickly and without warning. You may experience great cognitive dissonance about the magic that exists all around us but has remained hidden in your life until now. Or you may feel frustration over the lies that keep persisting and the people who choose to forgo the truth. Becoming intuitive requires we die to our old selves and rebuild from a soul-centered place rather than an ego-driven place. It is a coming home to who you really are, and this will certainly disrupt relationships, jobs, and your own identity.

Again, once you begin to see truths, you cannot unsee them and the only way forward is through them. But on the other side of this pain is an immense beauty and joy. It is the magical gift of you and your divine purpose. By finally saying “yes” to yourself, you will forever shift the course of your world for the better. You own up to the reality of who you are and who you can become. That is ultimately what we are here for and it is your divine birthright. You may also inspire others to start trusting their intuition and remove the mask of inauthenticity. Imagine a world where we all acted from a place that invokes our greatest good. Personal and interpersonal peace are possible and becoming intuitive is a way to achieve this.

We must also view our intuition as a precious gift that deserves humble use and protection. Being able to see what is really happening beneath the mask is a present. This means we need to undergo the process of becoming intuitive with great respect for the power bestowed to us. We should never use it to harm others unless we need to fight back as a form of self-protection or fight for the greater good. We should use it to help ourselves, help others — should they ask, and help the world become a more peaceful place. We must learn to carefully discern which situations would benefit from us speaking from our intuition and which situations need time to work themselves out. Again, not everyone wants the truth, and that is up to them to make that decision; we cannot make it for them. All of the great ascended masters and prophets also used this gift wisely. They spoke the truth when it was needed, but they did not use it for control or fame. They used peaceful, loving, firm means to get the point across — and yes, sometimes they became angry at the falsehoods and lies. We must learn to do the same.

Please don’t be scared, and I hope you still choose to continue forward in this journey. I simply want you to be prepared and understand that things may temporarily feel worse before they feel better. This is the basis of any legitimate healing process. It is necessary to till the soil before planting the seeds. It is necessary to burn off the dead parts before the living can flourish. Even when things don’t go your way, you can remain steadfast in yourself and find ultimate joy. On the other side of the changes and the pain is truth. On the other side is your intuition.

© Liz Schau 2019, All Rights Reserved

The empaths who can’t emote

First, an announcement. I wrote a book. A book full of invaluable information for you that will be published in the next few months. It’s called How To Become Intuitive. As soon as this current editing stage is done with the publishing company, I’ll be sharing pieces of it here on my blog. The knowledge contained in it is so vast and complex but essentially, it’s a guide to trusting your first instinct, why you/humanity hasn’t thus far, and how to tap back into your logical and mystical intuition once more in order to spiritually ascend — and the reality of what happens when you do. I explain how I once was an agnostic using my intuition for “second opinion” approaches with nutrition and my client’s physical health, and how a silent vow to the sky landed me in a world full of metaphysics, chakras, past lives, and supernatural experiences. My ego was dying and I began to see the world for what it really is, beyond the veil of falsehood. Through experience, I learned the words of the great ascended masters are true and everything they tried to teach us so long ago is still applicable — integral, in fact — to our daily lives. I learned that truth is truly stranger than fiction. As I say in my book, it wasn’t something I necessarily wanted to publish — it was something I needed to publish. I will be opening up pre-orders soon. Thank you for your support in advance. <3

Now, onto the empaths who can’t emote.

I have written before about strange adaptive methods empaths adopt, including The Empaths Who Act Like Narcissists. You can think of all human beings as possessing two separate operating systems. One is the subconscious mind which houses our real selves and true vibrational operating system. The other is the ego, the false persona we are forced into — or find our way into on our own — in order to be liked, successful, and never have to confront our own wounding. Most people operate out of either the ego or a mixture of both. Empaths, however, may take on an ego but it never truly feels like home. So a person can be born an empath, have a soul vibration of empathy, and yet act entirely narcissistic because of adverse experiences. It’s like they’re hiding their scared inner child.

Recently I have come across another kind of empath adaptation that is much harder to spot. These are the empaths who can’t presently emote. In other words, the hallmark sign of an empath is the level of emotion they release as an energetic frequency. That doesn’t mean these people are always crying and sad. It means they’re adept and have the inherent skill for turning a thing (intention, feeling, experience, expectation) into an invisible energy they then project as their own. They transmute and/or they translate a thing into an energy, an energy into a meaning, a meaning into an understanding. The empaths who can’t emote, though, lack the emotional programming in order to feel such feelings at all.

Typically, an empath’s emoting is directed inwards but ends up leaking outwards because empaths (until they are aware, at least) do not know how to stop leaking energy. This means an empath’s personal emotions will be leaked, how they feel about others and external circumstances will be leaked, how others are feeling will be leaked, how they feel about others leaks, and they will leak when others flat out ask or subconsciously demand it of them. This is because an empath’s subconscious mind is their natural state and this part of the brain is where authentic feelings are housed. Simply put, they leak vibrational frequencies all day long in response to what has happened in the past, what is presently happening, or who they or others are on a soul level.

The empaths who cannot emote (let’s call them ECE’s for short), on the other hand, share some similar characteristics. First they were either neglected as children, received no love or emotional nurturing, were otherwise abused, or shut down due to another trigger as they went on in life. They stopped feeling or never learned how to in the first place. Sometimes it presents in the form of pain in the body but cluelessness regarding their own emotional pain (aka: “I’m fine. I don’t think I have any trauma” despite having tons). It can also manifest as someone who feels apathetic but wishes they didn’t. Or in some cases it’s the person who wants a better life for themselves but feels a literal blank spot in their mind like they’ve blacked out certain memories which they therefore cannot access or feel.

The difference between these people and narcissists or sociopaths is that the ECE’s still possess compassion, still give love, and still on some level desire to work through their pain. They are OPEN to the idea of personal development, change, and correcting their thoughts or behavioral patterns. They also have a fair perspective of others and do not actively work to harm. They want to change, they just don’t see how they can. They want to feel, they just don’t remember what it’s like to do so. In other words, they don’t want to be in denial but aren’t sure how or why to get out of it.

In the past I may have considered these people somewhere on the middle of the empath to narcissist spectrum; not narcissistic but not highly sensitive. Now though, I see these people are a severe manifestation of abuse. In fact, as an Intuitive, ECE’S are the hardest people for me to “read” because it’s not enough for me to listen to what a person is telling me or observe how they are acting — I also have to read their energy for the truth. Naturally, ECE’S cannot presently emote so these tend to be my most difficult cases. Even they themselves do not know how they feel.

There is hope for ECE’S, though. Reversing this phenomenon requires a person tap back into their divine feminine energy (aka subconscious mind) in order to begin expressing emotion without fear. They typically operate from a purely logical mindset in which they fit into the toxic masculine system quite well as left-brained reasoners rather than right-brained spontaneous feelers. They must admit to their suppressed emotions and actually, actively make a point to feel them whenever and wherever they arise. Balancing these two aspects of the self and no longer being ashamed of the “irrational” feeling self is essential for healing.

The 3 archetypal wounds all empaths share

In my work doing Energy Readings, I illuminate for clients what their core wounds and life lessons are (among other fascinating things). These are evident based on your energy, the energy of those around you, your fears and phobias, your talents, your beliefs about yourself and the world, your history and experiences, the roles you seem to fall into, the things you dream about pursuing, and more. In other words, we all have our own unique wounds that are holding us back and keeping us sick. Once recognized and acknowledged, we can become fully self-actualized people, able to be and do whatever we like in order to fulfill our souls need for peace and longevity.

But there are also collective, long-standing archetypal wounds that all empaths share. These are the things you keep subconsciously avoiding by living smaller than you really are, adopting a false persona of sorts to keep others happy, which means you’ll never be able to live out your true wonderful purpose here. These three wounds are so deeply embedded into the empathic psyche that, until you have someone elucidate these subconscious belief systems and fears, you will truly go your entire life running from them. And they are “collective” because we all have them.

These fears stem from past life trauma, plain and simple. As I have said before, I would not have ever believed in the concept of past lives had I not had dramatic supernatural “remembrance” experiences in which I recognized strangers — and them, me. This is not something I can quantify to convince anyone. Once it happens to you, your whole world changes and everything you think you once believed about the nature of reality is stripped away, leaving you with a whole new perspective on the world.

Once I understood we have all been here many times before, the wounds I saw my clients carrying suddenly made so much more sense. They weren’t just running from unhealthy relationships in this lifetime. They weren’t just choosing dysfunction over order and direction. They were trying to avoid that which had happened in previous incarnations — because what had happened before left them dead, destitute, sickened, and alone. But as with everything in life, until you understand the system, you cannot understand the experiences. Until you see there is a greater rhyme and reason, you cannot make sense of the nonsense and bullshit you have lived — or why you are so fearful of things that have not yet happened in this incarnation.

As I’ve tried to convey again and again, the world and its people can be split into one of three categories: empaths, narcissists, and those who fall somewhere in the middle. Empaths and narcissists will always be at odds because empaths are here to preserve the planet and narcissists wish to destroy the biological technology and resources which would help future generations. Of course, few people know they’re acting this out because these desires reside deep within the subconscious mind. But a person’s actions and intentions (energy) will always show you which side they are on: do they make paths straight or do they inflict pain and chaos whenever possible? Up until this point, narcissists have relegated empaths to a status of subservience, and narcissistic personalities have taken positions of leadership all over the globe.

As such, empaths have had to play the offense and defense against narcs lifetime after lifetime. There are three subconscious, archetypal wounds all empathic people have learned to “avoid” by catering to narcissists. They include:

  1. The wound of seeing the veil. This means you feel guilty, weird, wrong, and ashamed that you are naturally able to differentiate between the 3-dimensional world and the world of spirit (the 5D). Even if you do not call it this, you know in your soul that there is the world we use to “get by”, pay bills, engage in entertainment, and work a job. Then there is also a world that resides in how you and others feel, how you know there is more to life than money, and how you want to help cultivate change for the better. You know there is more. This is an ability you have come to hide because you have seen in present and past lifetimes that the “seers” are mocked, shamed, and shunned — and sometimes put to death.
  2. The wound of the “mob”. This is the subconscious fear that if you expose or forgo groupthink, you will be at the mercy of punishment from the cognitive dissonance you have instilled in others. In other words, if you do not go along with the directives of “normalcy” that your group/community/family operates under, you will become the black sheep. And the black sheep always faces some sort of punishment for being different or exposing the unethical nature of the group.
  3. The wound of the gift. Empaths aren’t just highly sensitive people, able to feel and read the energy/intentions of those around them. They are also seekers, lightworkers, healers, and helpers. They are here to change the world. But because of the previous two wounds, we suppress our true intuitive nature in order to please others. What should be a natural ability becomes a dangerous secret we protect at all costs. Then, each time we face a situation that requires us to use our intuitive, healing nature, we go into hiding instead of activating it. Each time this happens, we become more stressed, sick, and ashamed of ourselves that we have this gift in the first place. Over time, our physical and emotional health suffers greatly — all because we have a gift that we feel we cannot use.

You see, these fears are your karma. When we think of karma, we think of punishment. But actually karma is all of the unresolved problems you have never dealt with so you are no longer tied to the past. In my experience, the only ways to overcome these subconscious collective fears is to confront them head on. This requires not only recognizing they are present to begin with, but also doing the opposite of them — acting on our gifts, allowing the mob to do what it wants, then rising above it all in the end. Yes, they will hate you — and get others to hate you. Yes they will take your money, your good name, your clout, your definition of self. But after you do so, you will come to find that no matter which fear tactic is thrown your way, you can indeed overcome them all. And you will no longer be scared or subconsciously hold yourself back from your true life’s path. You will step into your “I Am” presence, unaffected by the sabotage or judgment of others. You become free of karma. Only you get to define who you are.

Watch my Instagram video for more information on these three wounds and what you can do to overcome them.

Here’s why you’re the empath and not the narcissist — quiz

Empathic people come to me with questions in Energy Readings. Which path should they take? What does this thing in their life mean? Were they correct in their assessment? Did they do the right thing? Is what they think they experienced really what they experienced? These kinds of queries will leave a person feeling defeated, confused, and directionless if left unanswered.

But one of the biggest questions I receive from empathic clients, by and large, is this: “am I the narcissist?” In a world where “narcissism” is a buzzword, it leaves an energetically sensitive person questioning their every intention: “I’m not perfect. Do I like to hurt people? Do I like to be the center of attention? What if I am not the empath?”

One of the unfortunate symptoms of narcissistic abuse is the abuser using emotional or mental manipulation in order to force the victim into thinking they themselves are the problem. They may outright tell you this, tell this to others, or they may insinuate you have some terrible personality flaw/disorder, which gives them permission to treat you as they do.

Please hear me when I say this: this tactic is a hallmark symptom of narcissistic abuse 99% of the time. It is rare to endure this sort of abuse and not be labeled as the problem. This serves many functions: 1. reinforcing the 3D karmic system, 2. giving the perpetrator more power and control through social dynamics and “flying monkey” abuse by proxy, 3. preventing you from ascending to your highest potential, and 4. prevents them from having any accountability for their actions. In other words, no one will believe a victim if everyone has been told the victim is not the victim.

In order to free yourself of the cognitive dissonance associated with wondering if you are in fact the narcissist in the situation, you must ask yourself these questions. Only you can answer them and the veracity is between you and your higher power. If you are 100% positive in your assessment of yourself, then you can be assured your conscience is clear.

  1. Do I secretly like to hurt people?
  2. Do I enjoy conflict?
  3. Do I always 100% of the time feel confident enough to speak my mind to people?
  4. Do I assess what could be the driving force behind someone’s behavior (ie: personal wounding)?
  5. Do I try to put myself in the other person’s shoes?
  6. Do I easily see how all things are connected by cause and effect?
  7. Do I rely on groupthink in order to help me determine my actions are correct?
  8. Do I feel I must abide by a higher power or set of higher expectations for myself, such as peace, justice, equality, honesty, and compassion?
  9. Do I enjoy making other people feel bad about themselves?
  10. Do I look forward to drama?
  11. Do I rally people in a group in order to put one person down?
  12. Do I like to remind other people of their inadequacies?
  13. Do I feel I will be judged by my higher self or higher power for my actions in this lifetime?
  14. Do I prefer there be no underlying conflict in relationships?
  15. Do I forgive once I understand why someone made the choice they did, or after they ask for my forgiveness?
  16. Do I know there is enough room for everyone to be successful?
  17. Do I like to see others shine, in addition to myself?
  18. Do I enjoy gossip or feel it provides the truth in a situation?
  19. Do I have to put others down to make myself feel better?
  20. Can I envision a world in which there is no hatred?
  21. Do I feel a need to hide my indiscretions?
  22. Do I feel the need to prove to people, coerce people, or convince people that I am not a narcissist?
  23. Do I constantly blameshift or hurt others first before anyone “finds me out”?
  24. Do I assess and re-assess a situation in order to see which information I could have missed that would lead me to the truth so that I do not make assumptions?
  25. Do I feel the pain of others so deeply that it begins to affect my physical or emotional health?
  26. Do I externalize my pain onto others in hopes that will get rid of it?

Questions 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23 and 26 are narcissistic tendencies. Questions 4, 5, 6, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 24 and 25 are empathic tendencies that narcissists will never inherently possess — they will only project these qualities outwardly for others to see.

In these trying times, you must remember that sometimes the truth will only reside inside of your soul. There is no need to prove who you are — you are who you are. The judgment of your soul lies between you and your higher power or higher self. So long as you can go into the world confident that you do not enjoy harming others, you can be assured you are not the narcissist. This is a time of smoke and mirrors — remember this. The term narcissist will get thrown at people who are genuinely not narcissistic in order for others to elevate themselves. Say this to yourself in the mirror until it feels like truth: “I am that I am”.