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Dealing with the reality police

I’ve written before about how court proceedings are a necessary step towards humanity collectively resolving their karmic debt in this Age of Aquarius, as well as the implications of the scandals and fraud that have been coming to light in the last few years for both laypeople and the rich and famous alike. Not only do narcissists need to be brought to court to expose their devious deeds, but also chances are, if you are empath, they will drag you to court in an attempt to bully, control, and smear you so that they maintain an image of “purity” and so that you become their proverbial sacrificial lamb. They will attempt to prove your soul, actions, and beliefs wrong by way of the highest form of groupthink in the land: the court system.

Laws are necessary when people cannot self-regulate according to universal truths. An ethical and moral person instinctively understands right from wrong and therefore, will abide by such principles whether or not a law is in place. This is because they posses empathy; i.e.: “If I wouldn’t want it done to me, I shouldn’t do it to you.” Narcissists and sociopaths, on the other hand, find ways to get around the law so that their dirty deeds are obfuscated by legalese and interpretation. It’s easy to get around the law if one has enough clout, money, or penchant for lying and acting; or if one has a well-trained lawyer, versed in “alternative” legal interpretation working on their behalf.

While we expect the court to perceive the truth in a given situation, we find time and time again that since both sides have a stake in the outcome, truth is often nowhere to be found. The guilty are exonerated, the innocent are found guilty, the sentencing doesn’t fit the crime, judges are manipulated or selected for their loyalties, and on and on. Overall, there is no universal truth to be found, even in the system presiding over all human reality. Think about it for a bit and perhaps you will begin to see this is the case, despite the belief system to the contrary that is continually reinforced.

See, a primary function of the legal system is in fact to enforce a very narrow groupthink consensus on reality, rather than explore all options and truth related to said reality. According to this strict dogma, reality is already set in stone and further exploration or discoveries must always be written off as delusional, insane, or out of touch. Even if you have had the luxury of never being taken to court — or having to take someone else — this is meaningful for you too. This is because the ego that gets implanted into each one of us as babies or children stems from the overarching “normative” reality that everyone around you has come to accept as, well, normal.

In other words, your ego is not only a result of your wounding, your parents’ or caregivers’ wounding, but also the reality that is considered normal on earth. This is a reality that is skewed in favor of a chosen few, a few who they themselves do not abide by the rules or laws, but find ways around them. You are required to live up to certain standards that narcissists and sociopaths do not. This is not to say that you wish to break laws. It is simply to illustrate the double standards that exist within this reality that, upon being born into, one accepts as normal and does not question.

Once you begin to notice and question this reality, you will be sent to court — whether literally or proverbially (put up on the social or financial chopping block) — to elicit certain responses. First, you will be sent into fear. Is your version of events accurate and if so, how do you even prove the truth when you were not expecting to have to do so? You perpetrator was already collecting evidence because they knew they were in the wrong and would need evidence to the contrary to present. They were prepared but you are not. Secondly, you will be sent into a shame response. You must be guilty, bad or wrong if you’re being taken to court in the first place, or otherwise have to engage in a legal battle, and the shame transposed onto you by way of friends, family, or business associates is often too great for one to bear. In court, you will have to explain every detail of your thought process and you will need proof to back it up. You may be put through lines of questioning and intentional mind games so that the other side can find you faulty. You begin to question yourself, for yourself. Your reality becomes deluded with doubt, despite you knowing what you did or went through — or what someone else did.

All in all, you are legally permitted to be intimidated and bullied into giving up your version of events and reality in order to succumb to pressure from the dissenting side. Indeed, that is their entire goal. They want you pushed back into the groupthink, into the hands of the reality police, because forgoing the groupthink is so damn difficult and few safely do it. We must question why new truths are not welcomed and fairly or honestly examined on planet earth. We must ask why anything not in line with the official societal story line is met with hard and fast oppression from the reality police. We must ask why freethinkers are so severely punished, as is historically the case.

You may, subconsciously, deep down, be terrified of the reality police coming for you when you start speaking from the soul. You may wonder who in your circle of friends, family, or coworkers will instantly turn their back, point fingers, smear your name, or drag you into a legal battle. You may feel your real soul is not welcomed here. Just remember this: this is an essential component to shedding your ego because it allows you to see others for who they really are. Their behavior at the admission of your soul will tell you everything you need to know about the people surrounding you. It will force your blinders off, once and for all.

And also, this:

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

How to Become Intuitive has arrived!

This is me posing with my first shipment of my just-released book How to Become Intuitive! I received them in the mail today, and chances are, if you’ve already ordered yours, it will arrive shortly as well!

Thank you so much to everyone who has already ordered! Next month, I will begin doing book readings and signings. I’ll start at Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center in San Antonio, Texas. They are already carrying copies of the book and I’ll be doing a reading and following Q&A session as well as signings on December 14th and 15th from about 12-5 pm each day.

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Order a few copies for your friends and family who are open to holistic health, metaphysics, and questioning all that is for the upcoming holiday season. It’s the kind of gift that will leave a lasting impression and feed the soul. Please share your feedback with me and if you would be so kind, leave a review on Amazon.

And yes, as I’ve said before — I’m already working on book #2!

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Why staying with a twin flame “forever” sabotages your personal growth

I have an entire chapter dedicated to debunking the oh-so prevalent myths surrounding twin flames and soulmates in my just-released book How to Become Intuitive. The concept of twin flames is a real hot topic right now and the internet is inundated with tarot readers, psychics, blogs, videos, and other people or content promoting a twin flame-positive narrative. Twin flames, they say, are your true other half and ideal romantic partner. Soulmates, they say, are a dime a dozen and can bring you great pain.

Neither are true, as I explain in my book, and I say this having had a firsthand supernatural experience to back me up. After I had said experience — a spark-in-the-eye moment that I detail in my book — I knew what I had experienced was a soulmate recognition, and I instantly knew that another relationship I was in previously was with a twin flame. It was direct, immediate channeled information that I could not deny. As such, I scoured the internet, trying to find others who knew what this meant or could explain it to me. While I did find others admitting to having similar experiences, as well as their high level of confusion as a result, I also discovered that many people were referring to the other half of their soul as a “twin flame” rather than a soulmate.

In all honesty, it doesn’t matter much which term you use. It’s semantics, really. What matters is the meaning and intention behind the words. The reason I keep trying to convey the differences is because it is very easy to assume someone is your twin flame according to the standard definition and pursue or stay with them forever, despite the red flags. And this is a major hindrance to your spiritual growth and personal evolution because you are pursuing your own trauma and calling it love.

See, a twin flame is a representation of your personal wounding. The ages at which your chakra centers were first “stunted” or blocked become the manifestation of the ego. The more wounding, the greater the ego. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have a big ego in the traditional sense. In fact, you can have a ton of ego based on wounding but in fact think very little of yourself and have low self esteem. Or the ego can manifest as denial, doubt, fear, other insecurity, vices, and toxic thoughts about yourself or others. That means the more trauma you incur, the more your chakras will be blocked, and therefore the greater ego you will have which will keep you from seeing the truth about the dynamics of your relationships.

Your twin flame most often will posses “oppositional” wounding to yours. A “backwards reflection” as I like to call it. So, for example, an empathic man who was raised with a domineering mother may choose a domineering spouse as a result of the chakra wound (heart, third eye, sacral or others). In that case, he is in a way keeping himself safe from having to confront the wound because he is choosing the same pattern. If he were to choose a sensitive, understanding spouse, he would have to confront the mother wounding because he would not know how to accept or give love to a caring person; he only understands what love feels like when he is controlled and when he obeys via a system of judgment and punishment.

This is true for all twin flame dynamics, heterosexual or same sex, gender-regardless. See, pursuing a twin flame is akin to staying stuck in an energetic prison in which you cannot self-actualize, cannot individuate, and cannot perceive the truth. It is an ego-based relationship, even if, again, you do not have an inflated sense of self-worth. You remain stuck in your own wounding because as soon as you try to grow spiritually or personally, you irritate your twin’s wounding, which only causes more dysfunction (or abuse) within the relationship. Usually both partners are not able to grow together — or only grow in superficial ways — which means the warning to not be “unequally yoked” is accurate. Staying with a twin flame means you are choosing your own wounding and ego.