The 3 types of spiritual bonds between parents and children

Here’s a secret you likely haven’t heard before: the family you were born into may or may not be spiritually related to you. Once you understand this truth, you can begin to put the pieces of your life experiences — and wounding — together at a rapid rate. You can begin to see why, despite being born to certain people, you have never quite meshed, gotten along, or viewed the world in the same way. You will also understand the trauma that, perhaps, was passed down to you via this family line and why overcoming it is such a challenge.

Except in cases of formal or informal adoption, you will, yes, be biologically related to the family you were born into but you may not be related to these people beyond the physical plane. Though these things will also be true for those adopted, the difference, of course, is that these truths exist solely in the spiritual plane rather than a mixture of physical and spiritual and physical karmic bonds may be more difficult to trace back (especially in the case of closed adoptions). Or, it may become more clear that the caregivers who adopted you are in fact your spiritual relatives despite not being blood related, which can ease some pain and heartache that is sometimes associated with adoption.

If you were born already knowing who your parents are, however, it may be much easier to identify the discrepancies between what you have been taught is normal and what you actually experienced as a child. You may see why the “love” that you were given was a manufactured, cheap copycat of what real love is, and therefore, be able to find your way back to your soul origins and true purpose here much faster.

The 3 types of spiritual bonds between parents and children:

  1. Children who are not related to their parents karmically or dharmically. These are the kids who in no way, shape, or form model their parents behavior, line of thinking, social or religious ideals, and sometimes even their appearances. They genuinely seem like they were dropped from the sky, a stranger living in a strange land and often forgo any ancestral expectations about who they are and whom they should become. In a sea of conformity, they are the ones who forge ahead on their own path and don’t care much about what their family members think of it. They are the ones who seem to “break the mold” and share almost nothing in common with their family of origin. They may go on to pursue their talents and desires much to the chagrin of their family and follow no preexisting expectations on their existence. Because there are no past-life karmic bonds holding them back, they do not feel compelled to appease their parents, grandparents, siblings, or aunts and uncles. They are free to truly be themselves despite any judgment or punishment in the here and now. They typically have a deep sense of who they are and are able to compare and contrast how they were raised, who those around them choose to be, and who they feel they are inside their soul. They see the karma all around them, as evidenced in how other family members are treating each other, and want nothing to do with it. Because there exists such a huge discrepancy between who this child is and the people and environment in which they were raised, they are able to make peace with their uniqueness and pursue it in the world relatively unaffected. In other words, they pursue their own dharma earlier in life and have little holding them back. They generally do not desire nor require the affirmation from family that they are on the “right” path.
  2. Children who are products of twin flame relationships, and therefore share a karmic bonD WITH RELATIVES. These are the family dynamics that sometimes look very messy on the surface. The family is rife with feuds, scandals, gossip, and pain. Other times, the trauma, wounding, and abuse is hidden beneath the facade of happiness because everyone is playing their assigned role so well in order to avoid unpleasant truths from rising. Being born to twin flame parents means you have two very different sides of the self. One is who you actually are and one is who you have inherited or been forced to become. The self becomes a dirty little secret because it does not fit in with your parents’ beliefs or expectations. Also, if your real self were to rise up, it would elicit a loss of control within relationships, by way of karma being exposed. In other words, these children inherit their parents’ wounding, and their parents’ before them, and on and on. Additionally, these feuds and pain cycles extend beyond the immediately family most often and affect all members of the extended family. In past lives, you were not the current roles you find yourself in now but did share adverse experiences that were never resolved. Because, most likely, no one has ever known to — or wanted to — break the cycles of karmic debt, children inherit all of their parents chakra wounding and ancestral baggage. This can include ancestral baggage related to money, sex, love, fear and stress, free thought and free speech, and more. It is as if you must become just like your parents because if you do not, you would expose their wounding and make them uncomfortable. Therefore, children become the products of their parents arguments, power plays, and deception. Overcoming this wounding is of course possible (as I detail in great depth in my book How to Become Intuitive), but it is not fun nor easy and it will completely disrupt the karmic relationships you have been born into because it will expose the dysfunction everyone assumed was normal.
  3. Children who are born to soulmates and therefore are fully integrated spiritually and share a dharmic bond. These are the children that will begin to be born in the next few years as the masculine and feminine integrate themselves and finally resolve their karmic debt. While they have been born in previous generations, we will see a sudden influx as their parents now understand and feel compelled to ascend. They are the true spiritual descendants of two fully conscious, fifth-dimensional beings who have learned their past and present life lessons and activated their chakras. Theses kids will be given one masculine source and one feminine source from divine parents who have overcome the 3D matrix prison system. In contrast with twin flame children who are only given one “source” (aka energy or spark of life), they will have two which is the true vibration and frequency of the harmony and duality of the divine. They will not only remember what source energy feels like, they will be source energy. Because of this, these children will not experience the same degree of hardship and trauma that is considered normal on planet earth. While they will still be born into a “fallen” reality, they will be, at birth, set apart from it, knowing their worth and value, and understanding they do not need to engage in it because they lack nothing. They will come into the world understanding their supernatural origins, and begin pursuing their dharma — or, true and fortunate life path — from the earliest age. They will contribute great gifts to humanity and be considered an essential and ingenious tool for helping humanity to ascend.

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Why staying with a twin flame “forever” sabotages your personal growth

I have an entire chapter dedicated to debunking the oh-so prevalent myths surrounding twin flames and soulmates in my just-released book How to Become Intuitive. The concept of twin flames is a real hot topic right now and the internet is inundated with tarot readers, psychics, blogs, videos, and other people or content promoting a twin flame-positive narrative. Twin flames, they say, are your true other half and ideal romantic partner. Soulmates, they say, are a dime a dozen and can bring you great pain.

Neither are true, as I explain in my book, and I say this having had a firsthand supernatural experience to back me up. After I had said experience — a spark-in-the-eye moment that I detail in my book — I knew what I had experienced was a soulmate recognition, and I instantly knew that another relationship I was in previously was with a twin flame. It was direct, immediate channeled information that I could not deny. As such, I scoured the internet, trying to find others who knew what this meant or could explain it to me. While I did find others admitting to having similar experiences, as well as their high level of confusion as a result, I also discovered that many people were referring to the other half of their soul as a “twin flame” rather than a soulmate.

In all honesty, it doesn’t matter much which term you use. It’s semantics, really. What matters is the meaning and intention behind the words. The reason I keep trying to convey the differences is because it is very easy to assume someone is your twin flame according to the standard definition and pursue or stay with them forever, despite the red flags. And this is a major hindrance to your spiritual growth and personal evolution because you are pursuing your own trauma and calling it love.

See, a twin flame is a representation of your personal wounding. The ages at which your chakra centers were first “stunted” or blocked become the manifestation of the ego. The more wounding, the greater the ego. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have a big ego in the traditional sense. In fact, you can have a ton of ego based on wounding but in fact think very little of yourself and have low self esteem. Or the ego can manifest as denial, doubt, fear, other insecurity, vices, and toxic thoughts about yourself or others. That means the more trauma you incur, the more your chakras will be blocked, and therefore the greater ego you will have which will keep you from seeing the truth about the dynamics of your relationships.

Your twin flame most often will posses “oppositional” wounding to yours. A “backwards reflection” as I like to call it. So, for example, an empathic man who was raised with a domineering mother may choose a domineering spouse as a result of the chakra wound (heart, third eye, sacral or others). In that case, he is in a way keeping himself safe from having to confront the wound because he is choosing the same pattern. If he were to choose a sensitive, understanding spouse, he would have to confront the mother wounding because he would not know how to accept or give love to a caring person; he only understands what love feels like when he is controlled and when he obeys via a system of judgment and punishment.

This is true for all twin flame dynamics, heterosexual or same sex, gender-regardless. See, pursuing a twin flame is akin to staying stuck in an energetic prison in which you cannot self-actualize, cannot individuate, and cannot perceive the truth. It is an ego-based relationship, even if, again, you do not have an inflated sense of self-worth. You remain stuck in your own wounding because as soon as you try to grow spiritually or personally, you irritate your twin’s wounding, which only causes more dysfunction (or abuse) within the relationship. Usually both partners are not able to grow together — or only grow in superficial ways — which means the warning to not be “unequally yoked” is accurate. Staying with a twin flame means you are choosing your own wounding and ego.

How to Become Intuitive is published!

It’s here, y’all! The book I have been working on for the last year and a half is officially published! It’s now available in paperback (and soon, ebook) on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other major retailers websites, and the Balboa Press store!

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