Comprehensive Nutrition Plans

If you have been diagnosed with a thyroid or autoimmune condition, chances are you first took a conventional approach through standard testing, diagnosis, and treatment. Perhaps you’ve been on medication for some time and have yet to see results with your symptoms and lab work. When this happens, life becomes a daily struggle to survive, rather than feel alive and thrive.

The truth is that until the root cause of the thyroid or autoimmune disease is addressed, you will continue to experience symptoms. The root cause will be different for everyone, but medical research and holistic doctors are consistently confirming that infections, food sensitivities (some obscure that you may not have heard of before), detoxification problems, common gene mutations, gut dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies, and stress are known causes of illness. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to improve these areas, rather than hope the medication will finally do its job?

As an Intuitive, Liz is able to give provide you with a “second opinion” approach that illuminates the problem areas other practitioners have overlooked. How many times have you paid for “exceptional” care only to be disappointed that your provider missed glaring issues and never brought them to your attention in the first place? How many times have you been the one doing the research to bring with you to health appointments? You aren’t sure which direction to take, which steps are necessary, or where to invest your time and intention. It gets tiring and you don’t get the results you want in the end. You begin to doubt yourself and question if healing is even possible.

In an Initial Nutrition Consultation, Liz will take a very extensive background history from you in order to understand what has led you to this health condition in the first place, highlight areas of concern, and explain her approach to your unique situation and how a 5-session Nutrition Program would benefit you and what we will work on should you choose to move forward. It is truly a “hand-held” approach and a partnership because you deserve someone by your side and on your side in this process.

In a Nutritional Consultation you will receive:

-help from a health care professional who is willing to listen to and work with you, rather than speak at you

-my “second opinion” approach — searching for cues as to what other practitioners have overlooked

-a comprehensive nutritional plan

-a comprehensive supplement plan, if necessary

-pharmaceutical-grade supplement suggestions and client discounts through my FullScript dispensary

-unlimited email support

-lifestyle recommendations

-solutions for the stress in your life

-a personalized plan to get to the root of the issue

Liz primarily works with women with thyroid conditions, autoimmune conditions, Fibromyalgia and other pain syndromes, chronic fatigue, genetic food sensitivities, and gut dysfunction. If you have questions about other health conditions, please email for more information.

Liz works with anyone, anywhere via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom. Contact to receive the guidance that you need.

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