Energy Readings

While we try to make the most out of life, put on the happy face, and move forward, life stressors add up. Often it’s the small, daily triggers that become the mountains we are forced to overcome. If not addressed head on, our physical and mental/emotional well-being becomes compromised. You may be questioning yourself or your purpose here or wonder how you can become the authentic version of yourself you know is deep inside of you. 

After years of putting on the happy face and playing the part, stress starts to affect our physical health. In other words, your nervous system can be in a constant state of fight or flight (sympathetic response), which causes adrenaline rushes, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, muscle tension, and breathing difficulties. In the big picture, however, your cortisol and thyroid hormones are likely to get out of whack leading to long term hormonal imbalances. 

Long terms stress also affects your gut health, in the form of long-standing gut infections including candida and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Without a healthy gut environment, you may not be able to break down, digest, and absorb the foods (nutrients) you are eating. People may develop new food sensitives as a result. If you are very stressed, your kidneys, heart, and blood vessels can become affected due to elevated blood pressure.

This is where Energy Reading comes in. Energy reading helps us very specifically break down and examine the stressors in our lives. Without understanding why you are stressed, you cannot find solutions to stop it. And usually, the reason we are stressed is much more nuanced and hidden that we realize. 

“Energy” is a simple concept and chances are you have experienced it your entire life without realizing it. Simply put, energy is the sum total of the intentions, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of us and of those around us. It is the undercurrent in a sea of waves. It is the nuances we feel but haven’t consciously put words to.

As an Intuitive, Liz is able to clearly see and feel the energy that is present in a given situation you are experiencing, or emanating from yourself or a certain person in your life. If there are dysfunctional energy patterns at play (there always are), she can bring them to your attention so you can address it and find healing. It is a way to resolve the problems that you didn’t know were affecting you. 

Energy Readings are just like a conversation with your best friend. It is a chance to go deeper and open up in a way that you have not been allowed to — or given a chance to — in normal, every day life. She is able to bring new ideas and perspectives to your attention so you can find peace. 

In an Energy Reading, you will discover:

-seemingly normal situations that are causing you stress

-how you really feel about people or situations in your life

-how others feel about you

-which direction to take

-your core wounds that are holding you back from a big, happy, healthy life

-your life lessons from both this lifetime and others

-past life patterns that are presenting themselves in this lifetime

-karmic relationships you are in and how to improve them

-soul contracts you are unwittingly taking part in and how to resolve them

-your true life path and purpose here, as well as your hidden talents 

-the differences between twin flames and soulmates in your life

-chakra imbalances and how to unblock them

-how your core wounds are affecting your physical health

-and more!

Note that Energy Readings are open to and for anyone of any faith and walk of life. In each Energy Reading session, Liz will support and encourage you in your faith and help you discover how energy is either working with or against what you already believe. 

Energy Readings can be scheduled as one-time appointments as well as a bundle of four appointments. Liz works with anyone, anywhere via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom. Contact to receive the guidance that you need.

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