About the book

We live in a painful, chaotic world that grows more erratic and polarizing by the day. From birth, we are taught to live with the reality everyone around us has come to accept as normal. This reality is full of wounding, chakra imbalances, karma, illness, and trauma swept under the rug, “dumped” into the recesses of the subconscious mind — or body, never to be acknowledged again. But there has always been a place deep inside of you that questioned what is real. There is some strong resonant chord that has felt the truth despite being talked out of it.

Likely, you have observed that two realities exist: the truth and the lies. But perhaps you have had a difficult time reconciling this because the truth you observe seems to be believed by so few people. This chord of truth has never gone away, despite everyone’s best efforts. It is this truth that is begging for your attention once and for all. It is this truth that awakens you to the nature of the harmful reality that we have been born into, and it is this truth that helps you begin to deprogram yourself and deconstruct the falsehoods you have unjustly lived. The truth is out there, if we are brave enough to pursue it.

Becoming intuitive in a world of smoke and mirrors is no easy task. In a reality full of “likes,” “comments,” “shares,” and “subscribers,” taking a stand against the groupthink is akin to pushing a boulder up a mountain. Not only that, but some souls actively distort the truth by way of mind games, coercion, and threats. Every time you have tried to take a stand, you feel even more isolated, ashamed, and wrong. Truly, accessing the truth will awaken you to the ancient messages of the “ascended masters” who have both warned and guided humanity that a new age is approaching — and has now arrived — in which the wheat will be separated from the chaff, the empaths from the narcissists, the healers and “fixers” from those who sew seeds of destruction and discord. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius; the age of the intuitive.

How to Become Intuitive is a groundbreaking, heart-centered, step-by-step guide that teaches the reader to access and trust her first instinct, once and for all. It illuminates the historical and spiritual power and control dynamics that have kept humans from tapping into their intuition and what we must do to become whole, divine beings able to perceive truth once again. In it, you will learn the hidden reasons you have never fully trusted yourself — or been allowed to. You will learn the psychology behind the oddities you have observed and felt. You will understand the battle for good and evil that is taking place before our very eyes but that most are asleep to. You will also discover the inter-connectedness between your subconscious feelings and observations, your experiences, and the fifth-dimensional, metaphysical translation of such occurrences. Yes, there is a rich meaning in the pain you have experienced, and none of it is by chance.

Only when we accept the lies for what they are can we begin to see the inverse of them as the Universal truth that is actively suppressed in this third-dimensional reality. You are not your wounding, you are a higher self who has been repressed thanks to a series of all-too-common abuses. Author Liz Schau holds your hand and guides you step-by-step through the process of recognizing and deprogramming the ego (the false persona you have been forced into) to access your subconsciousness once more in order to activate your chakras, resolve your karma, heal your body, and trust yourself — never to repeat a past life cycle again.

As you read, you will discover the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, and larger-than-life supernatural experiences that led Liz into a complete crisis of conscience between what she had been taught and what she came to experience. Nothing could have prepared her for the journey she was to embark on, full of sparks in the eyes between herself and others, past life love recognizing her once again, and karmic partners sabotaging this eternal truth in the here-and-now. It is equal parts a Cinderella story and a cautionary tale, and it will give you hope and direction that you too can once more find your true life’s path despite the lies, pain, and setbacks.

Not only will you learn to liberate and heal yourself from all past and present falsehoods that have kept you imprisoned and sickened, you will also learn to “read” yourself and others for the spiritual meaning behind human behavior and appearance, illness, historical events, and supernatural and astrological phenomena that surround us daily. By tapping into your intuition once and for all, you become the person you were born to be and self-actualize to your greatest potential to heal yourself, others, and the world. There is no greater gift.


  1. Historical Clues
    The Temptation of Eve
    Eastern Religions
    Indigenous Cultures
  2. Intuition Inhibitors and Enhancers
  3. Abuse and Falsehoods
    Generational cycles
    Working Through It
  4. Empathy versus Narcissism
    Empathic People
    Narcissistic Personalities
  5. Karma
    Principle of the Opposite
    Your Past Lives
    The Chakras
    The Myofascial System
  6. Soul Contracts
    Karmic Partners
  7. The Experiential Life
    Cause and Effect
    Fear of Trying, Fear of Failure
  8. Journey into the Subconscious Mind
    Shedding the Ego
    Your Monkey Brain
    Body Reading
    Cognitive Dissonance
  9. The Supernatural
    Intuitive Images
    Fate and Destiny

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