Life Path Readings

{By phone, Skype, or in-office in San Antonio, TX}


  • Assessment of your life path (your soul’s purpose for being here)

  • Archetype assessment

  • Assessment of your core wounds (major life lessons that are meta themes in your life)

  • Ways you are avoiding your core wounds 

  • How to confront your core wounds to work through them

  • How the relationships in your life are helping or hurting your life path

  • How to recognize the Ego/power energy games others are playing with you and how to stop it to feel confident, in control, and powerful in your life

  • What your body language, vocal patterns, and mannerisms say about your soul and purpose

Note: all sessions unfold spontaneously and I cannot guarantee we will end up discussing all of these things in each appointment, but in general these are the topics covered in a reading. You may need multiple appointments to touch on all of these topics. 

120-Minute* Reading – $165.00

*(First time clients, please select this appointment. Or for those desiring an extended reading time)

60-Minute Reading – $95.00