SNP/Gene Mutation Interpretation

{By phone or Skype}


  • Information about the role your genes play in determining the correct diet for you

  • A personalized diet outline according to your SNPs. (Includes assessment for “genetic allergens”/intolerances to histamine/amines, sulfur/thiols, oxalates, salicylates/phenols, glutamates, gluten, and others)

  • A personalized supplement plan according to your SNPs

  • One one-hour session to go through your SNP Interpretation Report

  • A comprehensive wellness plan emailed to you to help you integrate the diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes necessary to support the healthiest expression of your genes.

  • The individualized time, attention, care, and concern of an educated and highly specialized health care professional; an ally and advocate in your health

  • Email support for questions

  • 30-minute follow-up session approximately 6 weeks later