All peace, no money allowed

A picture my daughter drew about a month ago. She doesn’t know what’s happening in the world or the spiritual implications of any of it, and yet she does know.

For some us, being free of the collapsing fiat financial system will finally mean freedom. We will finally escape that which chains us to energetic bondage.

For others, this will mean no way to earn rights within an energetic prison complex. It will mean further debt and indebtedness.

A few weeks ago I asked my daughter, “What if there was a planet that didn’t have money? What if parents didn’t have to separated from their children all day? What if people stopped fighting over money? What if people stopped having to do things they didn’t want to do just to survive? What if people helped everyone, without money?”

She said, “I would go there.”

10,000 years a slave

If you watch the news, you have heard incessant references to a “new system” amidst this Coronavirus pandemic. “Our system was not prepared for this,” we are told. You may think they are referring to the medical system, but “as above, so below” and therefore, we must not only hear with our human ears, but also listen and feel with the third eye in order to distinguish what the panic and changes are really signaling.

Remember: there are always two meanings: the human 3D meaning and the divine 5D meaning. The divine meaning is hidden beneath or behind the human ego. You can only read this if you have shed the ego in order to see behind the veil.

The fifth dimensional translation of a “new system” is a reference to a new system of governance. In the old system, we were indoctrinated from birth that if you just work hard enough, if you just forgo your own freaking soul, you will earn whatever it is that you want. If you adapt and fit into the system, you will have enough resources to live a comfortable, entertaining life. You will be good and we’ll tell others how good you are. You’ll be glorified and accepted based on how good your facade is.

That system has been exposed as completely fraudulent, and no, people still are not free. They have only been told that they are. This is the flaw in the system that was not considered: personal deprogramming and healing.

The old system was not prepared for an uprising of souls. It was not prepared for its lead actors to get caught red handed, be demoted, and therefore the matrix infrastructure to collapse like a house of cards. It was not prepared for an upsurge in desired freedom. It was not ready to be seen for what it really is: a prison planet.

Those who did not recognize the signs and who have not resolved their karma will be recycled into another prison system because you will still owe the system. It will be an even more stringent form of governance in which you can no longer earn what you desire based on the energy you output back into the system. It will be much harder to “crack” or penetrate. You will lose freedom of choice (as if you ever had it to begin with). You will be recycled lifetime after lifetime back again for another go round within the planetary prison structure, rampant with narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths torturing and abusing each other. You will be further disconnected from source energy as well as your soul family. You will feel and will be utterly alone in a sea of people.

The human ego has reached its apex and can only unravel from here. In order to maintain control of the populations who are beginning to see through the mask of the ego, complete authoritarianism is required.

Take heart, if you resolved your karma, you will get through these times too. You may have to feel the pain of hunger or fear for a time, but you will soon remember who you really are and where you came from. And goddamn that is worth it.

How to protect yourself against the Coronavirus (metaphysically)

Around 2009, I discovered a copy of Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions. I had stumbled upon her organization’s website many times in my nutritional research but never knew if it was legit. That was years ago when they still had a Craigslist-style low tech page. The site was also referencing information that felt right to me, but were things I had never been taught before and they seemed radical AF. The very fact that I had never before heard of or learned her information made me more curious about it.

I later went on to a nutrition school where she happened to be a speaker. Her book Nourishing Traditions and her organization, the Weston A Price Foundation (of which I am a local chapter leader), changed the way I viewed nutrition. Clean eating wasn’t enough. Whole foods weren’t enough. Food science and historical tradition held the clues we needed for a healthful life. Only by going back to the land and those who lived closely to it could we understand human nature. Only by revering those whom Mr. Price referred to as “savages” (indigenous peoples) in 1939 could we access hidden, forbidden knowledge.

When I pregnant with my daughter, I desperately wished Sally had a book on pregnancy and children to guide me in raising my daughter to be utterly unlike me: someone healthy. Friends gave me other “healthy baby, healthy mother” books but they all lacked something and didn’t have all of the information I needed in one place. I had to pick and choose.

The copy of Wise Traditions that I owned only had one chapter on feeding kids in the book (if I remember correctly) and I needed more. I think it was somewhere near the half-point of my pregnancy that I heard she was finally writing it; that her Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care was to be released when my daughter was about four months old.

But the Book of Baby and Child Care is about more than food. Sally also explains that children who are not allowed to build a natural immunity/immune system to illnesses will suffer consequential health problems in the very areas they were never allow to heal (and be sick) naturally. This means if the child never naturally overcomes a throat infection, their throat will forever be a weak spot that becomes sick more frequently because the body never learned a damn thing; it was always taught what to do and when the rogue pathogen infected the person, their immune system had no clue what to do without directions from medical supports. Additionally, that energy can get trapped in certain areas of the body when it is not allowed to resolve itself naturally.

This is true for all bodily systems.

Right now we are facing a global pandemic. People are scared. This virus affects the immune system of course, but primarily it affects one’s lungs, making it hard for them to breathe, causing coughing fits, and causing fluid retention in the lungs.

The lungs are a fourth chakra organ and thus, can become problematic when one is suffering from loss, heartache, holds onto anger or hatred, begins seeking revenge, or does not know what the vibration of real love is and thus expects to never be loved.

To determine if your fourth chakra is blocked (pretty sure it is — just saying), tune into your subconscious mind and body. What hurts in the lung/chest area? Which parts ache, pull, feel tight, feel heavy, or are otherwise painful? See what it feels like emotionally. Now ask your subconscious mind questions about the feeling you got. “Is the pain from this? Is the pain from that?,” you ask over and over until you come upon the correct answer and the pain releases itself.

Sometimes it releases immediately and sometimes there are layered problems you have to decode, such as, “My right shoulder near my heart hurts because I lack confidence,” or, “I used to curve my chest under because I didn’t want to be noticed,” and on and on for as long as you can. If you listen closely enough with your spiritual ears (feelings), you’ll likely start to channel the answers. And the pains will become more noticeable so they can be addressed. It’s like a puzzle ensconced in a maze that was hidden from you.

The planet is ascending into the frequency of love. We must learn to match this vibration. As we do, the benefits may extend into the physical plane as well.