Why recognizing conspiracy is so taboo (& why that’s changing)

You’ve seen those movies. The ones where the main character goes crazy, becomes paranoid or schizophrenic, lines his walls with paper documents and picture clues, connects them with string or red ink. He’s attempting to prove a conspiracy and no one’s listening so he goes deeper and deeper into his paranoia. Everyone discounts him until one day they begin to notice the cues around them and finally admit he was right all along.

Believing in the possibility of conspiracies is extremely taboo and accepting them as fact is even more discouraged. “There is no mal intent here, stop looking. Stop being crazy” a person is told. Questioning a person’s sanity almost always gets them back in line so the underlying intention that is being hidden (aka conspiracy) never comes to light or isn’t believed thanks to a string of Bulverisms and deflection.

At least that’s how it used to be. Along with the #metoo movement shedding light on sexual abuses, it’s also shed light on conspiracies. Harvey Weinstein had his victims followed. Uber suveilled at least one corporate employee who had been sexually harassed by her boss after HR gaslighted her and turned her away. Rose McGowan was befriended by a woman she divulged secrets to who later turned out to be working on behalf of her perpetrator.

Prior to #metoo, these would have been written off as delusions. Now we have learned they are the narcs’ standard operating procedure. It is the reality of the world that we live in and it has been going on for a very long time.

Being intuitive requires you admit to conspiracy. I’m not talking about the “who killed JFK” and “911 was an inside job” conspiracies, though maybe those interest you as well. I mean that you must not only believe in the possibility of a hidden intention but you also must work to expose it. It means you can no longer discount the feeling of “something isn’t right in this situation” or “sure that person did something unethical but I’ll ignore it because why would they do that? No one would ever do such a thing. I must be mistaken.”

Once you admit to the reality of mal intent, you can begin to see that the experiences humans have are constructed. In other words, though you think you are having organic experiences, they are in fact being controlled behind the scenes by someone who wants you to do what they want. Or, they want a certain outcome that benefits them and they will work to get that, no matter the cost. It’s that simple.

In fact, you must fight hard for the freedom to have organic experiences in the first place. This is why I strongly suggest all empaths get away from their narcissistic/sociopathic handlers immediately.

It is this divergence between what we think life is and what we come to find after becoming intuitive that makes a person begin to question life and this reality as a whole. “Why am I being controlled or directed in the first place?”

And this is one of the reasons becoming intuitive is so essential. If you are born into a reality that everyone considers normal, that few question, and where identifying mal intent is discouraged or punished, you begin to understand the nature of this reality. Once you understand the nature of this reality, you free yourself of the energetic chains imposed into you. Then you can ascend out of the constructed reality and be free as a spiritual being rather than a physical being.

Doing so requires that you get help from sources outside of this reality. This is why I talk you though channeling messages from the other side in my book How to Become Intuitive. It is also why I quote and rely on spiritual teachers such as the Buddha and Jesus Christ so often. Stop looking at them as religious figures and begin looking at them as otherworldly anthropologists. If you are born into the reality, it is hard to see beyond it and to see there are other (healthy) ways of thinking and operating. They didn’t come to have us worship them. They came to show us how insane this reality is.

When your nervous system begins giving you clues that something isn’t right, something is going on behind the scenes, or that someone can’t be trusted, you must learn to listen. The answers may not come immediately but you will begin to notice how what someone says and what someone does in public diverges. You will then understand that there is an intention being withheld. You will understand there is more to what you have felt.

The upper levels

I’ve written before about how life is an energy game of sorts. You have to master input and output of energy in order to succeed. Too much of one and too little of the other and the body and soul succumb to illness, remain stagnant, or are used to generate energy for others at your expense. You’ll also never activate your third eye Chakra power, aka: your intuition, as I write about in my book, How to Become Intuitive. In other words, without mastering energy regulation, you’ll be stuck in a spiritual purgatory of sorts, moving through life but remaining attached to or attracting all forms of vampires and leeches.

As I have also said, intuition and becoming intuitive require you rediscover the art of reverse engineering. The first step is observation, which your emotions assist with. Yes those emotions you were taught to suppress or be ashamed of give you clues about reality! Then you watch for the cause and effect within what you observe. You decode the subconscious mind for repressed beliefs and memories, and on and on. Then you become intuitive.

This skill is so vital because it allows you to see beyond the veil of the ego. It is how you get super powers. Many pretend to predict the future or read minds. When you learn to reverse engineer, however, you see that perceiving reality for what it actually is is a super power in itself because so few are able to do it. Those truly in touch with the divine aren’t necessarily magically bestowed powers. They have simply reclaimed their “vision.” (Or, ahem, removed the “scales from their eyes.”)

As you encounter more life lessons begging to be resolved, you must choose to work through them so you can learn about the consequences of people’s actions and so you can learn to match the vibration you get from them or the situation with the person’s true intentions.

See, we’re used to narcs and sociopaths telling us what we want to hear. “If I say it with a smile,” they think,”they won’t ever catch on.” But once you go through the lesson by no longer repressing the karma (aka problems swept under the rug), you begin matching vibrations with intention. After you get beaten down by narcissist after narcissist after narcissist, you stop ignoring the vibration. You learn what is true. And you can spot it from a goddamn mile away.

Of course, like most empaths, you might play dumb in order to fly under the radar, but you know who they are and you know now how to not become entangled even if you are subject to their authority.

As you go on with more and more and more repeats of past life lessons haunting you in this lifetime, you recognize them, resolve then, and ascend to greater and greater spiritual planes. I don’t mean otherworldly travel. I mean you see earth for what it really is, no rose colored glasses or saccharine to coat this steaming pile of shit. You see when people lie. You see when they plot against each other. You see their vices and dirty little secrets. You see their fears and insecurities. And you also very easily see what the future holds.

It is easy to predict the future when you clearly see the present. If you do not understand cause and effect then you cannot predict what will happen. When you recognize the patterns that people — or humanity — have never learned from and keep perpetrating, you see what will happen next. It’s as simple as if x = y and y = z, then x = z. Past, present, and future all become one in the higher levels. (This is also how you finally defeat your narcs btw. You predict what they will do and either free yourself or beat them to it by exposing the truth or protecting yourself in advance. They won’t understand how you did it.)

The upper levels get lonely at times because you’re looking for someone else who perceives the truth. Those people are out there, trust me, but they may be hard to come by. As the planet’s ascension speeds up, you will find more of these people because you’ll gravitate towards each other for safety and security amid chaos. There won’t be a large volume of them but even one is enough.

Reach for the upper levels. Do not feel ashamed of your “misfortune.” Only the best go to the hardest places. The easy places are densely populated. You will get to the peak of the mountain and look back, wondering where everyone went. You will wonder if the journey was worth it. But remember : you must do it alone. It has to be an inside job.

Reclaiming your true identity

As the reality around us continues to implode, as the truth is exposed in record time, those on the ascension journey find more and more falsehoods to shed: the lies you have been told about yourself, the abuse you endured, the many times you questioned but were told to stop asking (or speaking). If little here has every made sense to you, that’s a good sign.

You have been born into a constructed reality. At birth, you were assigned a role to play, according to your parents’ or caregivers’ desires. Yes, you were given a name and gender, a weight and length, but also, as you grew, you were taught who you are and who you can become. You were told what you like, what to eat, how assertively or softly to speak, what to wear, how smart you are as well as your perceived aptitude or talents, whom to love or marry, which religion to choose, where to live, and on and on.

Nearly everyone else in your family, group, tribe, or community fit into these expectations so seamlessly you wondered why you’ve had trouble doing the same. There has always existed a void between these expectations and who you really are. Your true self became a dirty little secret, hidden deep within the recesses of your subconscious mind.

When you did not obey the orders you were assigned at birth, you were spanked, shamed, chastised, neglected, or isolated. You were told how wrong or terrible you are. You were reminded how unlike everyone else you are, and if you wanted love or success, you must obey the orders. For some, far worse punishment ensued as soon as they made a decision for themselves, including physical beatings, rape, extreme mental duress, and for some, even death.

You became more and more frustrated or dejected at the person you have been forced to become versus the person you feel you inherently are. Few have ever asked who you actually are deep inside of your soul, and indeed, if they knew the truth of who you secretly are, you feel they would reject or bully you altogether. It is as if there is some secret inside of your soul that makes you set apart from the rest, as if you are a stranger in a strange land. The physical body may be acclimated to this place but your soul never has.

The next big step is releasing the identities you were assigned, in both this lifetime and others. As I write about in my book, How to Become Intuitive, the soul cannot be chained by human labels. Your soul always was and your soul always will be. The ascended masters came to teach us this lesson, namely, you are not your body and you don’t die after you die; you go on. To where you go on is up to you.

Imagine being reincarnated lifetime after lifetime and bring forced to become who society, the state, and your caregivers, friends or family wanted you to be. Imagine what you were forced to do just to survive. Imagine ignoring your own soul each time in order to fly under the radar and not be punished, or to live and eat and have shelter. To fit in. Imagine how much subconscious programming you would accumulate that must be cleared. This is the job of those ascending. This is the soul roll call you received some time ago: to finally figure out who you actually are.

Think of it like an inverse reaction: as more cover ups and lies are exposed to the public, the greater insight you have about the truth. The truth of yourself, of others, and of why you are here. As one gets worse, the other gets better. As one become more chaotic, the other becomes more clear. You can utilize the principle of the opposite to finally perceive the truth.

It is safe to completely give up your false identity. The one others assigned you that has nothing to do with who you actually are; your human persona that appeased but did not fulfill you. Once you shed this, few will see your real self. They won’t be able to recognize it because they don’t even recognize it for themselves. But some will. And you will. It’s okay to become the higher self and identify as such. The you that is separate from all wounding, physical limitations, judgments from others, and instruction is who you really are. What if you stopped caring what others want you to be and started living as an infinite being within the system? You would be free of your karma and your soul will be able to go on after this constructed reality collapses.