How to recognize the aura of spiritual royalty

Think of humanity as several different factions of beings who have been fueding with each other for a very long time. Certain members of these “clans” are narcissistic and some are empathic. Some are malevolent and some are benevolent. Some are neutral but may eventually choose a side.

Physically, we look different but generally also the same. There is no way to distinguish one kind of spiritual being from another by appearance alone. You must feel for their energy and watch their behavior, which tells you their intention. Are they on the side of universal truth or are they on the side of ego?

Each clan has their own hierarchies of clout or power that their peers are instinctively aware of and honor or obey. Within these hierarchies are those who might be considered royals of sorts. They are beings who are so dedicated to their soul cause that they will fight to a bitter end to accomplish what they, in their soul, believe to be true. And they are all very good at what they do.

These beings may be young in age or very old. They may be male or female. They may be rich or poor. They may be considered intellectual, or just plain street smart. Either way, it does not matter. Because these beings are so adept at their life’s mission work, they are treated like royalty by their peers.

These royals are the beings whose aura always reveals who they are because they subconsciously carry so much influence. Even if they themselves are not considered powerful because of external accomplishments, they still garner so much respect and support because others believe them to be a leader of some sort. This is true for nearly all human social groups. It is rare to walk into a karmic scenario/social population and not find out who the royals are rather quickly. Groups without royals feel flat or directionless, without intention and no one personality stands out above the rest.

When it comes to benevolent royals, they have a grace and wisdom about them, as if they are ancient and have been in charge of kingdoms many times before. And personality doesn’t matter here. I have seen extremely shy empaths exert so much respect from other people that others practically bowed down in his/her presence. The empath didn’t say much but damn it’s as if the seas part when they walk into a space. Not only do all eyes follow them, or pretend not to, but people sometimes stiffen up as if to correct their poor decisions in the presence of such a person. Others see the purity of this person’s soul and would feel guilty offending them or not living up to the royal’s high standards.

That is until the monkey brains (ego-driven narcs) become jealous of this royal energy and start swatting at the crown, as monkeys do. When a royal is stripped of its title by a lower entity, total exposure, vulnerability, and shame ensue — and narcs know this damn well. This what nearly every fairytale has taught us: there is a beautiful empathic person whose radiance emanates and everyone either wants them, or want to enslave them. An evil entity comes along and is jealous of this innate power the empath possess. The evil entity sees how beautiful he/she is and wants it for herself so she steals it by taking something or putting the empath at a disadvantage (abuse).

Of course, the royal soul title cannot ever truly be revoked. It will simply be mocked and shamed in the physical world because these empaths are severely outnumbered and this scares them into silence. Want to be completely humiliated? Tell people who you really are. Remember how they shamed Christ with a crown of thorns?

Additionally, these empaths often have a purple or Indigo energetic aura surrounding them. Some people see auras and some feel them. Some do both. Either way, these people look or feel purple. Synesthesia at it’s finest. Grape, maroon, violet, and to a lesser degree, light blue — the hue doesn’t matter. They feel so strongly like the color.

On the other hand, narc royals also possess a “celebrity” status but it is not the quiet adoration that empaths receive. The narc’s friends and family enjoy them so much (minus any disputes narc to narc) that people flock to them and drop everything to be in their presence. They are truly the cool kids. Because they tell people what they want to hear, these narcs become popular rather quickly. They easily establish themselves as a vital figure within a clan and everyone looks to their knowledge or guidance, even if they posses no leadership skills.

Their aura is one of self-importance (as is, the empath, btw — but for different reasons). It is sometimes secretly angry or feels red, and it is secretly sly or sadistic which is a more quiet slow energy and yellow or black. Because of their self-confidence, they easily get what they want and people are happy — eager even — to give it to them.

Next time someone of importance enters your presence, you may be able to perceive if their soul is a royal who has been here many times before, done this work many times before, and is and always will be dedicated to their cause. They may not “look” of importance, but watch how people react to their presence. Hell, you may even be one.

Welcome to the 4th dimension

Welcome to a 4th-dimensional reality. Things are happening quickly, as if time has sped up and we are inundated with new amendments to this reality. Karma is still slightly delayed (that will soon change) but in general, cause and effect are much less separated than they were in the 3rd. For example, new information will be released, often followed by whistle blower complaints because good is finally functioning against evil, or evil is collapsing in on itself. So therefore, there will be a much stronger presence of ethics and concerns for morality and fairness and that which is entropic will very shortly after reveal itself to be so. Lies will be so evident they will be laughable.

Things to expect: the governments of the world admit there are other beings they have been in contact with before, that they are here to capture and enslave humanity, and that the Earth’s governments are currently waging war against them. That, perhaps, you must not only accept a world war — and beyond — but that you must run for the hills and hide yourselves from these foreign beings. This reads like science fiction but the recent drops of information released by the Pentagon and media outlets show us where we are being led: as it was put, to establish a presence on Mars and certain quadrant of the moon. Celebrities are “filming movies in space” and displays of patriotism busy skylines across the world. There will soon be a jaw-dropping admission that we are not alone.

The entire world is about to undergo the biggest ego shedding the planet has ever seen. We’re already going through it but as new lascivious, mind-blowing accusations and truths rise, the more humans will be straight up shocked and sent into despair and panic over what they did not know about the construct we have been living. And that includes both within their personal relationships and governmental systems.

People will not know who to trust, suddenly as if everyone around them is questionable. The people have been sent into panic. They will realize they have to provide for and protect themselves the “old fashioned” way. In more ways than one. Many will not have these skills.

Every vice and distraction will be taken away with nothing to keep people self-medicated, placated or in denial. The reality they perceive will be horrifying. People in groups will soon realize that the inside world is as much of a threat as those they do not know. The karma still has not gone away. It follows them everywhere they go. They will not know where to turn. There is no help; everyone is helping themselves.

Those who are ascending will finally be releasing the last heavy layers of karmic energy that has until now remained trapped within their energetic fields. You are so close to healed.

The empath-Autism connection

Not all empaths are on the Autism spectrum, but it seems there are a fair share of those people who could have probably used a diagnosis when they were younger, or who are curious whether they would be considered Autistic now. There is a correlation between being empathic or highly sensitive and being Autistic and this is just the opposite of what society tells us: “Those with Downs Syndrome are loving. Those with Autism are cold or harsh.”

This is also not to say that all people on the Autism spectrum are empathic. It also does not mean there is always a connection or correlation between the two. But yes, there sometimes is. This is to say that there is a subset of empathic people who are on the Autism spectrum and either are already diagnosed as such, or there are empathic people who, because of their high degree of soul awareness, understand themselves to be perceived as weird because of how different they are, how inappropriate or offensive they are or how they are somehow unable to fit into what society considers normal because it is such a drain on their souls that they cannot fit in without risking getting very very sick. Since they understand they cannot fit into the society by 100% alerting their soul vibration to adapt to the norms and expectations like everyone else, they learn to pretend to.

So the empath becomes a master of pretending. You will know these people because while they put on the happy face and pretend to be normal, “acceptable” by society’s standards, maybe even fun, respected or liked, they always have this higher consciousness just sitting atop their heads. Like a mini version of themselves that exists only energetically but is bored, rolling their eyes, and thinking about some far away place in the soul. They try so hard to be what other people need them to be, but they know they never truly will. Therefore, their chameleon-like skills become better and better with each passing day. Their worst fear is being found out for not truly fitting in. They don’t have any conscious idea of why this would scare them, and yet, they spend their entire lives running from being labeled as mentally or socially unfit. They know fitting in means survival.

Of course, when it comes to Autism and the ASD-diagnosed, this mostly refers to those who are higher functioning and able to care for themslves and meet their own basic needs as well as excel at independent thinking. In fact, those on the higher end of the spectrum, as we know, sometimes, though not always, exhibit higher intelligence than the neurotypical populations.

Some say it is a stereotype that those with Autism obsess over one topic in particular — at least until they have learned everything they wanted to, or needed to learn before they move on to the next subject of interest, and some say it is a known “symptom” or indication of Autism. In my case and in the case of kids I have worked with over the years before starting my nutrition business, I believe perseveration on one topic or interest for extended periods of time is a reality for most, though I am sure it is not always present for everyone.

It’s almost as if they know what they have to learn and come back lifetime after lifetime honing in on that one thing until they master it, overcome it, and learn the lesson. It’s almost as if they could guide us out of karma.

Over 10 years ago now when I started narrowing my focus to holistic health because, for whatever reason, I believed I could heal my Hashimoto’s Disease though I had up until that point never seen it happen. I learned as much as I could about a topic — including alternate and differing opinions so I could figure out who was more right based on observations and experiences — until I had exhausted everything I could possibly ever need to know and then move on to some related topic of interest. Along the way, I found information about the higher prevalence of certain physical symptoms in children and adults with Autism, as well as a higher likelihood that they could not eliminate or properly execute certain bio-chemical reactions so they became more sick than others.

If you look at children with severe forms of Autism, it is as if they are tormented and tortured, carrying some burden they want to get rid of, unable to even communicate that to someone. Sometimes the behaviors are helped slightly, sometimes greatly, and sometimes not at all by interventions. That is not to say these children are not sometimes joyful and exuberant — they often are. But they were holding onto things both physically and spiritually that had never been cleansed from their systems.

In other words, they couldn’t methylate. I became fascinated with the world of methylation and related gene mutations and started learning about gene mutations that affected how one’s body performs certain functions, such as convert and absorb nutrients, how one may respond to synthetic vitamins, and how one eliminates toxic waste from either chemical exposure or intrinsically-made waste.

Because people with Autism often (though not always) carry gene mutations that affect how they eliminate waste, symptoms that seem unrelated to the Autism can become persistent and cause the child or adult to be in physical pain and discomfort.

Since the body cannot release, energy also cannot be released. This is why children with Autism often are overwhelmed by their own senses — because the energetic demand is already so great and they reach a tipping point all of the time, which causes meltdowns. It is as if the soul of the person can stand the pain no longer.

One way (though certainly not the only way) to create adaptive behaviors in a child who is not severely Autistic, but towards the higher end of the spectrum, you must break and shame the inner child or the soul in order to show the child which behaviors are acceptable — and how their natural inclinations are wrong. Since many are abused in childhood, without a proper diagnosis, they will be abused even more than their siblings or other family members because they are the hardest to break and the abuser cannot figure out why. Because these children posses such a high degree of awareness (even if they never ever show this) and energetic sponginess, they eventually accept the shame and act how you want them to act. Which is why that energetic person sitting near their crown chakra never goes away and instead begins to analyze everything they observe because they do not understand why it is considered the “right” way and theirs is wrong. They are trying to figure out the secret to being “right”, except that answer never comes.

So they become masters of pretending and some are so good at pretending to be typical that you would never ever guess who they really are. They only let down their guard and let their soul out at home, when they are otherwise by themselves, or around a very few truly trusted people who have earned that right. They put up their guard day in and day out and then come home and take off the armor only to do it over again the next day.

As I said, these people, because of their high degree of empathy, absorb almost every energy they are ever exposed to. And then, because of a common genetic mutation(s), they are unable to get rid of the biological waste they have accumulated. It’s almost as if they are energetic one-sided Velcro as they walk out into the world every day. The energy they collect inside of them feels so mixed up, overwhelming, chaotic, and eclectic or random that they cannot make sense of it and the nervous system (among other systems) has no guidance and direction for what homeostasis looks like. On top of that, they feel physically unwell. They feel they’re either guessing at everything or they’re only doing repetitive things that they know are safe. At least, that’s how it feels/felt to me.

If you remember a few weeks (months?) ago, I wrote how nutrition writer and Founder/President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Sally Fallon writes that children who do not experience sickness as it comes to them without (major) intervention, will never learn how to overcome the energy of that illness and it will become forever trapped in that area (chakra center) of the body and continue to present as illness or symptoms for the rest of the person’s life? What does that have to do with Autism? Does Autism have a strong energetic component? You tell me.

Those with Autism are also often more susceptible to heavy metal poisoning, which may sound like it is always an acute reaction, but sometimes it is delayed and evidenced in other symptoms or diseases that follow. The most damaging way to ingest a heavy metal is via the blood stream because, once there, it can travel anywhere. While some believe in the Autism-heavy metal or Autism-source of heavy metals link, there is a case for the fact that people with Autism often have certain gene mutations that cause them to not detoxify properly and therefore cause them to be at risk for developing greater illness or injury as a result of toxic or poisonous substances that must be eliminated but cannot be — at least not fully or efficiently.

Overall, again, many believe that those with Autism actually lack empathy or are unable to feel and relate to the emotions of another person. No that is not true. In fact, it is just the opposite and this is why feeling is so disturbing for many who are Autistic and empathic. First, it serves a purpose to tell a being who is highly capable of feeling and reflecting a person’s feelings effortlessly back that they are flawed because then they will doubt the reflection and believe they are mistaken, rather than questioning why the reflection is fucked up and needs to be addressed.

Secondly, a high functioning person may end up becoming so awkward because they have already been told they are always wrong, so they learn the adaptation skills of looking normal, just to not be perceived as weird, awkward or inappropriate. Therefore, they constantly second guess their own behavior first then do what is expected of them which gets them labeled “eccentric” or “strange” because of the frenetic, nervous, or inconsistent energy they project.

Also, what is considered empathetic on Earth and empathetic to an empathic Autistic person are very different. An Earthly empathy is fake and full of acting in order to appease someone or make yourself look good. Real empathy is thunderbolts of cries and lightning streaks of tears in release of pain for someone or some thing, sending good energy their way in secret, and thinking about the good things about them — though you would never say this to their face. When a person with Autism “blurts out” something “inappropriate”, it is simply the truth they thought everyone would appreciate hearing because the truth is so beautiful and isn’t everyone seeking it? Doesn’t the truth always make things easier?

So in these situations, consider the perspective of a person with Autism who is also highly empathic though it is not obvious: they may look at a person and see what they are lying about or what their ego is revealing, which may not elicit empathy from said empathic person. This is because whatever they are experiencing is fake and they know it. It may cause them to do or say something truthful which is considered inappropriate societally. But because those who are considered neurotypical did not detect the “cause” to the person with Autism’s reaction, the NT’s believe the person with Autism to be the problem, rather than the hidden energy that caused the person with Autism to react in the first place. Ask yourself: were they disturbed by a spiritual energy, an emotional energy, a sensory energy, a lie, a flashback, something that does not make sense yet they are being forced into it, are they being controlled by an untrustworthy authority figure, do they feel trapped, or are they being rushed to process something in the common way that NT’s do which doesn’t give them time to check in with the energy and get their bearings?

Finally, because most empathic people who would fit into these categories have endured so much pain in just the present lifetime, they often purposefully shut themselves off. Anything that interferes with the wall they have built around them will be ignored until a breaking point is reached and then a “meltdown” ensues — whether that is for fear of embarassment or punishment, or simply because they are overwhelmed, unsure, or feel unable to protect themselves. Some are really good at hiding their meltdowns along the way. Some are not. Some do both. Aspergian empathic women are the hands down best at never ever having a public meltdown because of the shame it would elicit. They would be the typical hysterical, nonsensical, uncontrolled wild woman everyone has been warned about. This is why this group is the least diagnosed to date. They are empathic enough to see how people would react to them.

If an empathic female is diagnosed, consider it a miracle that she knew to seek help and diagnosis in the first place. Scientific and mathematical contribtions from men on the Autism spectrum are considered tangible, empirical proof of the benefits of having Autsitic members of society. But a woman who feels so much she chops up emotions and facial expressions and sensations into problems to be written out and solved, well, you’ve got a problem on your hands that offers “no benefit” to humanity because 1). no one wants to feel deeply and 2). you’ll be lucky to ever make a partner interested enough in their own mind to stay.

And this has left us with generations of women who have perfected their respective crafts in the arts and healing arts who, until now, believed they were the hinge of the problems that plagued humanity and they must hide. It’s almost like certain souls could never integrate into the system and lifetime after lifetime, they incurred so much trauma that it affected them in more ways than one. It’s almost as if they’ve been living in a false construct and couldn’t be brainwashed good enough.