Channeled messages 4/27/2020

On recognizing patterns: It is so shameful to stigmatize someone who notices patterns as off, crazy, or eccentric. Any reasonable person notices patterns when given a fair chance because it is a mammalian adaptation and survival strategy. Does the cow not learn where the fence is? Does the deer not know the cocking of a gun?

Additionally, anyone who understands how to learn (not how to absorb what someone has told you has been learnt), will always naturally come to a cause and effect in which they learn about the nature of some thing on their own. That is how you learn!: through your observations until you refine your perception further and further to 20/20 vision about a wide variety of topics that all seem to intertwine. You restore memory.

Cause and effect is comprised of a never-ending series of patterns that form by comparing and contrasting how one or more things are like or unlike one or more other things. It is not just “what happened before and what caused it to be different or the same after a certain point?” It is also “now how does this incident connect to all the other cause and effect incidents I have learned about before?”

To say that someone must lack the capacity to recognize patterns in order to be considered healthy means they likely lack the ability to learn for themselves, which ultimately keeps them enslaved because they have never noticed enough patterns to start questioning the nature of their reality in the first place. They want to be healthy, so why would they!?

And that is why people keep coming back to be reincarnated — they never learn the consequences of their actions because they lack the ability to judge themselves based on cause and effect — aka: where in the scenario were they guilty of something that should be changed? They ignore Newton’s third law, as if it is not a scientific reality built into Earth’s operating system: “If I just pretend it didn’t happen, or pretend I had no liability in it, then it didn’t happen.” That is not learning. That is the opposite of learning. That is believing a story that must be reinforced and memorized.

This is one of the ways so called knowledge is used against people. The population is told they don’t know how to learn as well as some elite scientists or doctors; that only the doctors have the information that will save us or could be accurate. The elites then use this monopoly on knowledge as a way to manipulate data and science in order to work with whatever story they have told people. Then the people are oppressed and kept from true knowledge or learning. There is often little true knowledge to be found in a traditional setting.

Everything has a cause and an effect and similar things produce similar causes and effects. Newton’s third law is built upon the premise of pattern recognition. You don’t just see something (aka witness a cause and effect) once. You see something many times in the course of your day, let alone your life. How would you ever know to question if you didn’t see one thing that reminded you of something else, to begin with? Somewhere deep in the recesses of the subconscious mind is the original memory. Things you see in your present physical reality sometimes remind you of that original memory because they are remnants. If it weren’t so, then it wouldn’t have seemed of significance or of consequence to you in the first place. It triggered something deep inside of you — enough to make you curious, which doesn’t happen too often because, truthfully, little impresses you and you are often bored.

Follow the trail and eventually, you will come to a curtain. It is your choice if you want to peer behind the curtain. How many patterns you recognize and therefore, how soon you get to that choice might just be dependent upon how homesick for your original memories you are.

How covert narcs use the subconscious mind to fool empaths

Narcissists are great actors. They know how to fit in and adapt to any “cultural” environment. That means in the workplace, in a family, or up any other social ladder they wish to climb in which there is a set of rules they can learn and then manipulate. They also know how to tell you just what you want to hear, and since they are great at anticipating your reactions to things, they’re always ready with an explanation or coercive act to get you to do what they want. Usually this involves feigning empathy to get you to trust them.

Because covert narcs are able to feign empathy, they are the most dangerous breed of them all. But this empathy isn’t just reflected in the words they say to you, or the help they offer because it suits them. This false empathy is also projected at you on purpose in the form of fake subconscious cues.

What that means is covert narcs are purposefully using subconscious body language peppered in their speech or body language at certain important points, so that you are driven into a state of cognitive dissonance between what your heart is telling you about this person and what you are “reading” on them. You naturally read other people — you can’t help it. They know what you are looking for… which deceit indicators you always look for. Do not put it past them to understand these things about you and use it to their advantage.

Consider that your closest narcs may often use subconscious cues or suggestions so that you believe them to be in real distress over something that would require their empathy. They are not capable of real feelings and they are using your own abilities against you.

Beautiful everywhere but Earth

I tell you the stories about the empathic people I know because if you know someone else has had a certain reaction to their life experiences as you — or had similar experiences to you in the first place — you stop doubting yourself so much. Because true intuitive empaths are so hard to come by, most live their lives doubting their every feeling, every decision. You have no one to reflect your own vibration back to you so you remember which direction to take.

Therefore, the more specific I can be, the more likely you are to have an aha moment where you realize you too have felt that one particular way and how subconsciously repressed that feeling altogether. From there, if you are curious and persistent enough, you can begin the journey of asking why and not resting until you find the origin then heal it.

I’ve tried to say this in gentle ways before, but to put it simply, empaths usually hate themselves and think they’re pieces of trash. Well, they vacillate between this and feeling special for feeling like they are privy to some secret, if only they knew what it was. They know they have the ability to fairly assess, problem is they only believe this subconsciously and don’t put it to active use.

They are told they are always wrong. They are told them are silly, too sensitive, too aggressive — when and if they do decide to fight back, mentally insane and crazy, too young, too effeminate, too artsy, and on and on. They comet to believe they are the ugliest, most disgsting creatures anyone has ever seen. So they hide!

Imagine the truth (and therefore, lies) oozing off of a person. It drips off of them like sweat. One look into their eyes and you can’t ever go back to your denial. Now imagine that person walking into a room full of people with wounding and karma. The people look into a mirror of truth, someone who cannot turn it off (lest they make themselves very sick), and they punish you for what they are seeing. Would those people enjoy the presence of the truth or would they hate it? Why do they really consider you ugly?

Could it be that you are beautiful everywhere but Earth? And what does that tell us about Earth?