Stages of ego death

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Some call it a dark night of the soul. Others call it ego death. Whatever the term, the empaths are being called to shed their egoic mind and ascend to higher planes of emotional and spiritual awareness. Plain and simple, the world needs it right now as we shift out of trauma and fear and into love and peace. We need it on a personal level and we need it on a collective level.

Ego death is when you are forced to reconcile your karma, when you are forced to see your blind spots, your problems, your complicity, the way you hurt others and the way others have continually hurt you. Think of the ego like prison bars around your brain. It keeps your emotional, spiritual, and mental health inside barriers, not allowing you to grow and expand, not allowing you to see beyond the circumstantial, the ways you have always thought about things and always done things. It keeps you in a low vibration and prevents your true life path and genius from rising.

Think of this process like this: there lies a huge block of ice in front of you, which represents your ego. You take an ice pick to the block and begin hitting it, smashing pieces to the ground. It’s freezing outside so there is no chance of it melting on its own. A few shards hit the ground and you ask your higher self or higher power questions about why those shards froze into the block to begin with. You get answers and see your blind spots and wounds for what they really are; why you made those decisions or passively allowed them to transpire. It can take weeks, months, or years to slowly but surely chip away at the ice and you can’t except it to do the work itself and you can’t overlook the tiny shard on the ground. They all mean something and they all lead you to the truth and without examining each one, your ego stays put. Only when you take care of each individual ice crystal with the heat of friction will you allow it to dissolve in the cold weather. 

Once you begin this “icy” process, it shifts into something more like a tornado. It’s like a proverbial opening of Pandora’s box and all of the things you suppressed and hid or pretended weren’t there come rushing out. You can’t control it, you have to just ride the waves. Imagine you are observing a tornado close-up from the side of the road and suddenly find yourself caught in the eye. You’ll get blown to the left, blown to the right, blown up, down, and sideways inside of it. It controls and suspends you and you can’t get out. As you pick away at that ice block, you may lower down into the storm system, feeling like you’re making progress about exiting and feel exuberant about it. The next moment, a huge chunk of ice falls off the block and you get drawn up higher into the storm system — one step forward, two steps backwards. You thought you were making progress but suddenly realize how far you have to go to climb your way out. So too is the shedding of the ego. One step forward, a few steps backwards, always lowering into the cone, then getting drawn back into the eye. It’s not your fault, it is normal. 

Stages of ego death:

Spiritual awakening (some kind of impetus wakes you up out of the amnesia. Awareness of the disconnect from your soul — all of the ways you have compromised yourself for other people’s benefit)

Seeking (delving deeper into your religion, spirituality, or esoteric and metaphysical matters that you vibe with)

Trying to explain or bring others into your process because you desire true connection

Isolation (when you begin to ascend on your own path and realize others, even your closest loved ones, are no longer on the same wavelength as you because you were wearing a mask when you bonded with them and so were they)

Grief (life isn’t what I want it to be/thought it would be)

Avoidance (trying to avoid the ego problems that led you to this point; blocking spiritual ascension)

Denial (“things aren’t as bad as they seem; I can live with my ego — everyone else does. I don’t have any problems.”)

Acceptance (“I need to do something to change this situation”)

Change (recognizing major life changes you need to make in order to ascend and doing it despite the hardship)

Deconstruction (identifying every bad/low energy in your body and soul, identifying problems and picking them apart to see what the cause of it was and what led you there — identification of core wounds and life lessons)

Detaching from karmic partners (letting go of toxic relationships that keep you in your ego. This can happen quickly if you are headstrong, or you may go back to them time and again because you worry about the consequences of leaving them — there is typically punishment involved. It’s not called karma for nothing.)

Figure out who you actually are on a soul level and pursue that

Regret over what you have done to others

Seeking friendships and partnerships with people on your new wavelength

Resentment and frustration, or sadness, anger and bitterness (at those who have wounded you time and time again, or cyclical situations you always find yourself in; re-triggering. This can happen many times throughout the process)

Release of the triggers by finding new ways to look at them (ex: this person did that to me because of this thing that happened to them, they didn’t realize what they were doing; I wanted love and acceptance so I made this compromise which caused this consequence, etc)

Peace and acceptance (finding your true life path, releasing karma, accepting yourself and your choices or lessons, healing your core wounds)

Good fortune (getting what you deserve — good things — because you shed your ego)

If you are going through this or know others who are, please please please use kid gloves with these people. They may act out, or withdrawal. They’re not depressed, weird, or bipolar. They’re having an existential crisis. Don’t talk about them/gossip, take advantage of them, or backstab while they are down and confused. (If you have true mental health problems, please seek professional support, but I am only speaking about transient life issues based on a spiritual awakening here). 

You or others also need understanding, support, and connection during this time. Typically, someone shedding their ego doesn’t want or need advice. Telling these people what you think is best for them won’t help or work because everyone is on their own unique journey and so your words of wisdom can do more damage than good since this person needs to tune into their intuition and higher power in order to find their way out. Your life experiences will not help someone who has had vastly unique experiences that you cannot understand (this is why I offer Energy Readings — so I can be a blank slate for you and lead you to your higher truth). This means listen and absorb or accept what they are going through without pressuring for answers or resolution. This means sitting with them to absorb their energy instead of expecting something from them. In life, we have often had Maslow’s hierarchy of needs withheld from us. During this time, those awakening desperately need higher-level emotional support in order to self-actualize. 

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How to stop projecting

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The work I do as an Intuitive is to get people to open up, admit to the problems, and then I connect the dots and offer them solutions to finally get to the root of it. The first half of what I do is listening (intently — to your every word, omission or hesitation, pause, and intonation because they all mean something and are subconscious projections of your higher truth), and the second half is speaking — showing you what has been overlooked, which steps you need to take next, which decisions you need to make, and validating what you have been through. 

It is so important to open up and begin processing undigested emotional material because your feelings not only affect your physical health — they will affect how you understand reality. If you have lived painful experiences that left you fearful, angry, hurt, feeling “bad”, ashamed, powerless, inadequate or wrong, inevitably you will project these experiences into your daily interactions because it was so traumatic and because you see it keeps happening.

However, when you are trying to refine your empathic abilities, become intuitive, and work through your core wounds and life lessons, the secret feelings become a hindrance because you will be filtering truth through the lens of falsehood. Anything that clouds your lens is a deterrent to stopping the projections, and seeing the truth and pursuing it.

Imagine it is a cloudless, starry night and you are standing on the top of a tall building, peering through the lens of a high-powered telescope. You desperately want to see the stars and planets because you have heard how vast and beautiful they are, but you want to see up close and for yourself. As you look through the eyepiece, you realize the aperture is dirty and you are unable to see through to the stars. Maybe you only see a small piece of space but the rest is blocked by the smear. Or, perhaps the lens is not in focus and so you are working hard to adjust it in order to see clearly. If you take your eyes away from the telescope and simply look up at the sky, you can see space clearly though not in great detail. Some impatient people may give up altogether and just take a step back to look at the sky with their naked eye before walking off. Others will persist in order to clear any debris from the lens and properly adjust the settings to put it in focus. You get to choose which of these people you will be.

Think of the telescope as the sum of your soul’s experiences, and think of the stars and infinity of outer space as the true, authentic beauty of who you really are and what the world really is. When we take a step back and look with the naked eye, we can reflect on the vastness of life but may feel overwhelmed with how “big” it feels. Without wiping off the smudges and without learning to adjust our focus, we are unable to intimately become acquainted with who we really are and what is really happening around us so we feel we are never in control of ourselves/lives and lack understanding. Because we don’t understand, we may project past trauma onto the present situation. It’s simply a matter of not being aware yet. 

I have learned to, and encourage others, to begin looking at life as if all of the experiences we have are meaningful and meant to teach us something. This means even the worst of circumstances that leave us depleted and hurt — things that we would normally view as setbacks — are actually hidden treasures that we can use to our advantage to overcome our karma. “Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

Identify the mindsets and emotions that are clouding your vision. When you walk into a new situation, how do you generally feel? Do you enter a room feeling confident and social? Or do you enter a room feeling doubtful of yourself and uneasy because you aren’t sure who will want to talk with you, like there is something wrong with you, or like people are judging your every move? While there is likely a legitimate aspect to how you feel (ie: you have in fact been treated poorly by others), you have to overcome such projections to get to the truth. We cannot allow our experiences and negative feelings to cloud our vision. Flip the script — walk into life with different assumptions (aka: energy) and see how things change. 

What you have been told about who you are, what you can and cannot do, which lines to carefully tiptoe is not accurate. What you have been told about yourself — whether directly or based on the subconscious actions of others — is a result of their projections, and the projections imposed on them by those before them, and on and on. First, admit to your projections, then empathically understand the projections of others. Finally, see that there may be a bigger truth at play that needs to be pursued. 

Once I was shown the symbol of the yin and yang to help me to understand my projections and the projections of others. I had been through so much trauma and yet my perpetrators were playing the “nice guy/girl” part, pretending like no abuse had happened. I knew what I had experienced but I had fallen into the empath trap of trying to make peace with my perpetrators actions. I wanted to see things from their perspective so I could have empathy for them and understand why this had happened. For years, I wrestled with not just the trauma from the abuse, but the lingering effects of the brainwashing and group think so many abusers employ: “everything is fine, what you think happened didn’t happen. Everyone else is fine, why aren’t you?” For victims, this is an ultimate insult. 

The yin and yang image helped me make peace with the situation. The larger black and white half-spheres (sometimes called the “shady” side and “sunny” side) within the yin-yang symbol show us ultimate truth. The smaller dots inside of each half represent our projections and the projections of others. We cannot see truth without the projections — getting to the truth requires an initial duality in order to see both sides. After we have admitted to all sides of personal truth, we can begin to uncover a universal truth in which there is clear right and wrong. 

In other words, generational cycles are at play in the case of projection. Everyone has their own projections they have inherited from others defining the truth for them. So although you may feel one thing is right and they may feel another thing is right, getting to the universal truth in the situation requires admitting that both people are entitled to feel how they feel because they are seeing life through the lens of their own projections and nothing can change your projections, except you. Then it is your responsibility and the responsibility of everyone involved to start picking apart their own projections (which is how you tame your ego). From there, we can have empathy and compassion for the situation and be able to compromise in order to find the greater, unchanging truth. The unchanging truth is the meaning of the lesson. The projections are the way we engage the lesson. If only one party chooses to examine their projections, ultimate truth will not be achieved. It requires both parties taming their ego in order to get to the truth. 

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Liz’s interview with “The Empath Guy” Dave Markowitz

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For the last seven years, I have primarily been working with women with thyroid and autoimmune conditions get to the root of their health conditions with tailored, optimized nutrition. 

However, the last couple of years, I began noticing many of my clients were dealing with so much emotional stress and this stress was actually a root cause of their physical problems. In fact, they weren’t just stressed –  they had a certain personality type and had no idea. They weren’t just stressed, depressed, anxious — they were empathic and were being controlled and left powerless in their lives. So I began offering spiritual services to help people overcome these stressors. And it worked.

I’ve become so interested and engrossed in researching this personality type and helping those who are born empathic because I see how healing it is to one’s physical health when a person understands themselves on a deeper level. 

So today I bring to you an interview I recently had with someone who has been on this empathic path for quite some time and who has also noticed how much stress affects people who are highly sensitive.

So let me introduce to you Dave Markowitz. Dave is an empath and intuitive and has been working with highly sensitive souls for many years, helping them achieve better health, vitality, and spiritual awareness.

He is the author of several books, including Healing with Source, Self-care for the self-aware: a guide for highly sensitive people, empaths, intuitives, and healers, and Empathipedia. Dave has lectured with Deepak Chopra and Gary Null and he also gets empaths and their unique struggles.

Tune in here to hear us speak about empaths, absorbing other people’s energy and problems, a victim mentality, the ego, narcissism, health challenges and their root causes, spirituality and more!

Listen here <——-


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