What is karma?

The political and professional scandals we’re witnessing at the moment are a reckoning of karma. Righting of wrongs, destruction of the old, restructuring of new, secrets and skeletons coming to light, memories and systems being questioned. It’s not… Read More

How to build or develop empathy

We assume most all people are born with adequate levels of empathy. People who already know they are empathic go about life with a glass-half-full, rose-colored glasses mentality because we know we could always have it worse. We… Read More

The “Eve” wound is resurfacing – is it affecting you?

Eve is the prototypical empath/intuitive in the Judeo-Christian religious texts and we can learn much from her experience. The Temptation of Eve, as told in Genesis, sets the tone for all intuitives and is embedded into the subconsciousness… Read More