Welcome to happy and healthy! Hi, my name is Liz and it’s by no chance that you’ve landed here. You see, you and I most likely share something in common: an autoimmune or thyroid disease.

Here’s what happened. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with the  autoimmune thyroid disease, Hashimoto’s. I followed my doctor’s orders and took a synthetic thyroid hormone medication, to no avail. Simply put, the medication wasn’t working and my symptoms got worse and worse. I felt fat, bloated, tired, depressed, and was suffering recurrent infections, hives, changes in my hair and skin, menstrual irregularities, heart palps. And worst of all, it seemed like no one cared or understood how painful the illness was.

After being treated for several months with no real improvement, worsening symptoms and mental outlook (ie: I hated myself and life), I knew there was no way I could go the rest of my life feeling so awful. So I did something radical: I looked into my symptoms, did research, read a bunch of books, and made some BIG changes to my diet. Now, this wasn’t just any diet — it was a healing nutritional protocol to literally fix things from the inside out. I uncovered age-old dietary traditions that had been forgotten in our modern world, and are essential for thyroid and immune health. I learned how humans used to eat and what is chronically missing from our modern diet — how this leads to illness and dis-ease. And now? Well, after a few years and lots of blood, sweat, and tears, my blood work stabilized and my doctor weaned me off of my medication. My Hashimoto’s worked its way into total un-medicated remission.  I am grateful for it every day. I went back to school (the world’s largest nutrition school, that is!), learned from famous doctors in the natural health world who are healing their patients with food, and got a certification in Holistic Health Counseling. 

What does this have to do with you? Chances are you have a BIG dream for your health. Chances are, you secretly wish for BIG things for your autoimmune or thyroid disease. You want to have more energy, lose weight, say so-long to the brain fog and depression, right? You wish your numbers would stabilize, and haven’t seen it even though you’re following doctors orders. Do you know the age-old dietary traditions that can help you feel better and get closer to those BIG health dreams you have for yourself?

Which foods stimulate the thyroid, and strengthen (not stimulate) the immune system? Which chemicals are sabotaging your health? Which foods confuse the immune system and lead to self-attack? Just what do your digestive tract and food choices have to do with the state of your health? Can you go one more day without discovering them?